Trannii Probati?

The “if he says he is a woman” reblog…

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I had joked some days ago, and said I missed the Trannie at Francis’ Easter stunt.

Turns out I was wrong: one of the “women” (“Trannii probati”, evidently…) who got their feet washed was, you got it, a Trannie. Said Trannie also had the effrontery of receiving communion, at the hands of another priest, and live on Television, shortly thereafter.

If Francis knew of this, the degree of evil of this man clearly goes beyond what even I had imagined, making nothing less than a satanic mockery of Jesus’ washing of the feet of His disciples.

But let us imagine that this was not the case. Let us imagine that Francis hasn’t noticed the voice of the man, or in his innocence (provided such an old lewd man like him has any left) really thought her a woman, or has not noticed the man’s Adam’s apple (which, for all…

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