Hatchet Job On The Sly

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"I want to be Ms Arnold's cat". “I want to be Ms Arnold’s cat”.

The name Michelle Arnold might not tell much to you; but when I was alerted to this article, it rang a bell with me.

Is this not the same woman who suggested to a wife that she disobeys to her husband and puts a third party “counsellor” between them?   Yes, she is…

Now, the same woman who has no qualms in putting other people’ s marriages in jeopardy, and in encouraging wives to disobedience to, actually, blessedly Catholic husbands, finds it oh so bad that certain priests – actually, one certain priest – invites donations on his blog and sells articles through it.

Still, this woman doesn’t have the brass balls of the Tablet journalists, who attack that certain priest without any qualm. Rather, she goes around him in circles like an overweight hyena; not saying, but implying; not making the…

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