Medjugorje: Should We Be Afraid?

Pope Failure has now announced that an announcement on Medjugorje is now near.

A lengthy study has been completed, the results have been announced to the Pope, and the CDF had had a meeting in preparation of the official decision.

By any other Pope (even a V II Pope; heck, even Paul VI!) one would not be afraid in the least that the wrong decision could be reached.

TMAHICH *, however, is a completely different ball game. One who shows himself publicly unfazed by his own (possible, and actually real) heresies cannot be trusted to necessarily speak wise words on Medjugorje.

I fear one of the two:

1) In pure Modernist style, the report will say that the “apparitions” are a new type of the way the Holy Spirit works among us, allowing the Blessed Virgin to appear in a new, fresh, quite post-V II way. Therefore, whilst some of the elements could give rise to doubts, the apparitions can on the whole be considered worthy of belief. I know, this is absurd. A Pope publicly saying things he knows might be heresy is also absurd, but it has happened.

2) in pure Neo-Modernist style, the report will discount the apparitions and state they themselves are not worthy of belief, but will then wax lyrical about the oh so great faith of the, actually, stubbornly disobedient and heretical supporters of this decade long fraud, and about how the Holy Ghost is moving them on a path of such worthy, if misguided, passion. Naturally, the Medjugorje nutcases will take any word indicating anything remotely similar to approval of their own zeal as a tacit approval of the tales of the “seers” themselves. Can we be so good, and so wrong? No. We are good, therefore the evil forces of the Vatican have conspired etc… You know the drill.


The fact is, even if Francis himself has given ample signals he does not like Medjugorje it is difficult to believe he will pronounce a clear word of condemnation on this. This would mean having to speak clear words and having to make himself unpopular by a vast, organised group of people. Neither Jesuits in general nor Francis in particular are known for that

We shall see. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.


The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.


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  1. I would be *very* surprised to hear an outright condemnation of Medjugorje.

    I think there are two possibilities:

    1. The “yes, but” answer, that will be praised by Medjugorje enthusiasts (that’s the “yes” part) and “keep calmed” by the sceptics (that’s the “but” part).

    2. The “no, but” answer, praised by the sceptics and abused by the enthusiasts.

    Either way, the “apparitions” will continue, and from now on Medjugorje denialists will be persecuted as “schismatics”.

    • Agree on the first part. Can’t see the second coming.
      Cardinal Mueller has just stopped a yearly even in Modena, Italy after the death of the bishop who used to host it.
      They won’t be cancelled from the earth, but I don’t think they will be pleased, either.

  2. I heard that Pope Francis recently made some mocking remarks (in a very non-papal manner; that is, in keeping with his personal style of saying whatever pops into his head) about “scheduled apparitions”, or words to that effect, which would seem to indicate skepticism toward Medjugorje in particular. But then, expecting logical consistency from any Conciliarist is a recipe for disappointment.

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