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Rise And Fall Of A Court Jester

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I am, I am sure, not the only one who has the feeling that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History is facing a big crisis. Blogging priests are more and more open in their criticism; Cardinals and Archbishops have made themselves very vocal; the attempt at carrying water to the cause of heresy by simply ignoring the English version of the Relatio Synodi has been thwarted after only one day of outcry; most importantly, Francis’ troubles have become so mainstream it now seem every secular outlet feels the need to report about them.

How far away, now, the time of the beach balls on the altar seems! I would be very curious to see what would happen if Francis were to do something like that again. You can bet your hat that several prelates would intervene, and the world would know whom are we dealing with. It’s not 2013…

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Heroin For The Church: Explaining Francis’ Pontificate.

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Francis' Pontificate explained. Francis’ Pontificate explained.

Firstly a short premise: I do not approve of Sedevacantism. Sedevacantist comments are not allowed. If I see that your comments aim at pushing – overtly or covertly – a Sedevacantist agenda, you will be banned. Some have already tested me in that and you do not read their comments anymore, so there. In these things, one must be a Fascist. Yours Truly does Fascism well.

Having said that, some Sedes have quality sites, to which I link as little as I can, but at times I think are worth linking to.

One of these is Novus Ordo Watch; who, it must be said, make an admirable work (if from the wrong premise) of collection and exposure of Bergoglio’s madness. I am sure many of their readers are not Sedevacantists, and visit the site because of the quality of the content itself.

This time they have some…

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Meet “Frankie & The Beach Boys”

It’s the tragedy of this pontificate, you see.

When you start behaving like a clown for the atheist masses, where do you stop?

Frankie, the Evil Clown, has by now completely forgotten what it means to be an atheist. Atheists will send him their “good vibrations”, and everyone’s fine. “Are you an atheist? oh, I would be so pleased with your good vibrations!”. What does it happen to an Atheist when he dies in his Atheism, again?

Why an Atheist should send a Pope any “good vibrations” when they must (qua atheists) consider him a fraud, is beyond me.

But Francis never thinks this far. If it sounds good, it’s good enough for him.

Yeah, “good vibrations”. Not “repent”, but “send me good vibrations”.

Whatever this religion of vibration is, it is certainly not Christianity.

What an evil, evil clown.


Father Volpi Has Died

One down. One to go.

One down. One to go.


Father Volpi has died. 

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.  Amen.

(See? In Latin!) 

I am, as you know, not one of those who think that – say – if I die a pig I become a lamb. The way I see it, if I die a pig I become pork. Death has, in itself, no redeeming feature. Death does not improve me. Death will only fix in stone, for all eternity, what I chose to be (yes, I still chose to be it, though in a mysterious way this is also what God has preordained from all eternity) at the time of death.

I am, therefore, of the opinion that it must be said, today of all days, that Father Volpi has grievously harmed the Church with his savage, ferocious attack to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. An attack that did not stop short of grave accusations of criminal offences against his founder. An attack that has reduced this wonderful order to the shadow of itself in less than two years. An attack obviously meant to eradicate from the Church one of her most brilliant examples of orthodoxy. Of all this, Father Volpi had to answer when his time came. Woe to him if he wasn’t prepared. 

Do not even think of coming here and writing “oh, perhaps he was misinformed!”; “ohh, ohh, perhaps it was all a misunderstanding!!”; “oohh, oohh, oohh, perhaps things are not as they seem!!!”. You would, with your sugary absence of spine, be throwing another dagger in the side of the poor friars and nuns (yes, Volpi persecuted them too; big time. Lest it be said that he has anything of the lamb in him).  

Wake up. Things very often are as they seem. Particularly then, when it seems that such a savage attack has been ongoing for two years.  That’s an awful lot of seeming, say I. 

Father Volpi had the great blessing of getting the warning shot of the stroke, and one can sincerely hope – for the sake of his infinitely worthy soul – that he used this time in the appropriate way. Because if he didn’t, it’s difficult to me to see how an Attila like this one could have escaped hell. Unless, it is, it has now become meritorious to help the Evil Clown, with a breathtaking zeal, to ravage Holy Mother Church in such a way as he did.

Let others do the praising and the excusing. I have no praise for him, and he has no excuses. I wish him salvation as I wish it to everyone else, starting from myself. But if this one died unrepentant and did not go to hell, it means the barriers to entry are very, very high; which would be very consoling for the likes of us, but I do not think it’s true.

No, let us be realists here. If the likes of us are at risk of hell, and we are, then this man was in very, very deep trouble.     

De mortuis nil nisi bonum can have, it certainly has his place in the case of common people, of the quisque de populo. But to refuse to speak of the evil work of this man just because he has died can only help the work of destruction of the one or ones coming after him, and of the one who sent him to do his evil work. It’s like refusing to say anything bad of Hitler in May 1945. It is just unwitting collaboration with evil.

I hope the FFI will be able to say masses for the repose of his soul. Tridentine Masses, of course. What a sweet thought. 


Volpi is gone, and the shameful energy he put on his work of destruction has gone with him. Francis has now a very good chance of profiting of the occasion to backpedal on this initiative that has – as he must see unless he is a complete moron – done a lot of damage to himself personally. He could embrace sanity, or at least prudence, and now appoint a new man who will gradually restore things to sanity.

But then again this is the man who said “soon, soon!” to the poor parents. We know how much his word is worth. We know how rotten his mind is. He may decide to be more cautious, but there is no ground for optimism. 

Volpi was the evil arm, but Francis is the evil mind.

The first is gone. Alas, the second is still there. For now. 




Being Nice

Bitching Dinos

Why I Am A Catholic, Part II

st paul

“Wir müssen das, was wir denken, sagen. Wir müssen das, was wir sagen, tun. Wir müssen das, was wir tun, dann auch sein.”

“What we think, we must also say. What we say, we must also do. What we do we must, then, also be.”

                                                                                                                                            Alfred Herrhausen

If you have read Part I, you know how I rediscovered the immense treasury of the Church.

Why, then, do I remain Catholic?

There are many answers to this, but they all revolve around the same question: once you have tasted tiramisu, why don’t you start eating stale bread? Well, because I am not stupid, is probably the first answer. I met the Truth. I got the answer. Everything is in his place. Why I would willingly throw away all this, is beyond me. Particularly now, that I am fully aware of the dangers for my own soul of doing so.

Is it easy to remain a Catholic? No. To go with the flow is always the easiest. But then again being stupid is easy, too. I prefer to be smart, and suffer isolation or hostility in the company of Christ, rather than enjoy the abundant company of perfect cretins without Him. In life, you always pay a price. The desire to “go with the flow” also has one. Its payment may not be demanded immediately; but  when the bill comes, it can literally kill you.

Yes, my life is abundantly filled with “Catholic guilt”. Yes, my continued inability to live the life I would want to live at times keeps me awake at night. But I see in this a salutary sign. It’s good to be afraid. It’s good to be ashamed. It’s good to be painfully aware of what a wretched sinner I am (you aren’t, I know; but I am, I am!). Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, mental onanism about “why should I stay in the Church?” may well be the beginning of hell.

The Church is the only reality there is. Every other group is a sect, a bunch of deluded children, a perfect folly, and a danger to your salvation. To ask me why I stay in the Church is like asking me why I do not throw myself out of the window.

Truths are things. Once learned, these things cannot be ignored anymore. You can persuade yourself that 2 + 2 = 5 if you so wish, but you’ll find it increasingly difficult to cope with a reality that will keep throwing your error in your face. So-called “same sex marriage” is a good example of this; it is 2+2=5 made pseudo-religious tosh.

This is the easy part. Now for the unpleasant one.


I am  a sinner, but my faith is strong. By God’s grace, it is very strong. I do not entertain the least doubt about the Truthfulness of Catholic Truth. If I did, I wonder how I could write a Catholic blog. I write about truth, because I have learned it. I love it. I am totally committed to it. I have married it.

I do not write this blog to give it a try at being pleased with myself. I do not write this blog because I am trying to persuade myself as I try to persuade you.

I.Have.No.Doubts.At.All. May it always stay so, and may the Lord grant me the grace of believing all the Truths of the Church to my last breath. May this last breath come tomorrow, if a longer life should mean, for me, some horrible things like leaving the Church or even the Christian faith.

As long as you read this blog, you can be assured – and you have the right to be assured – that I think what I write. I could never write a Catholic blog and tell you that I, say, am or was tempted to apostatise, and belittle it as a “limitation”. God forbid I betray not only the Lord in this way, but you as I betray the Lord. Let me die, O Lord. In your goodness, have mercy on me and let me die before you allow me to be as foolish as to apostatise!

Nor could I ever – and I have touched on this in the first part – tell you that I lapsed, and consider this lapse a grace.

Lapsing is always a disgrace. A shame. My own personal shame, too. In His Providence, God can fish us again out of our error. But we make of our personal story the god to which God Himself has to bow when we say that God has given us the grace to gravely disobey His commands. I truly wonder what kind of people are around, and how much their faith is worth. And I wonder why, in heaven’s name, they pose as Catholic bloggers.

You will, also, never ever read me saying that the reason why I stay in the Church is not the sacraments, because those who want sacraments “outside of the church” (here the SSPX is chiefly meant) “get it anyway”. This is pure nonsense. The SSPX can provide those sacraments because the SSPX is part of the Church. No one can, in his right mind, say “the SSPX is outside of the Church, but I want sacraments and I will therefore get them from them”.

You will, again, never ever read me saying that I was tempted to apostatise, but hey, “no good comes from not admitting one’s own limitations”. The temptation of apostasy is not a “limitation”. It is something that makes one intrinsically unfit to talk about Catholicism! Have you ever heard Lenin telling you of his thinking of embracing the free markets, and demanding to be heard by you as Communist apologist because hey, “no good comes from not admitting one’s own limitations”? Ever wondered why?

I do not think I am the only one who notices here a strident contrast between what is on the tin and what is inside.  

You want more? I am supposed to get oh so upset about the (homosexual) priests scandal. If I don’t, I have a big problem (“callous” is, I think, the world). Now, I am scandalised in the highest degree. I am so angry, I am just there with the best. I want the medal, three t-shirts, and the honorable mention. But the idea that this scandal should in any way, shape, or form diminish my allegiance to the Church, or speak against my allegiance to it – as abundantly implied – is obviously nonsense. And if it is nonsense, it follows that it is also nonsense to focus so much on this bunch of V II homos, other than to condemn them as… a bunch of V II homos who have done a lot of harm to the Church.

Dulcis in fundo, I’d say two words about this strange idea that hey, no one knows whether I remain a Catholic because you know, it’s all in the hands of God. Well, sure it is, but flirting with apostasy certainly does not help; doing so publicly is to give scandal; talking in positive terms of one’s own lapsing and say it was a grace is outright bonkers.

Yes, without God’s grace we can do nothing. But we give public allegiance to our values. We promise God a strong desire to do what is right. We may do wrong, but we are always careful that we think and speak right. Ever wondered why no one says “God only knows whether I will poison my children”? Well, they should well say it before they say “God only knows whether I will leave the Church”. Alas, it seems leaving the church is seen as somewhat secondary, a minor failure due to one’s own “goodness”. It is not so. It can lead one to hell. Particularly one who should know better, big time.


Can you see, now, why I remain Catholic?

Catholicism gives you a system of truths that are logical, simple, inescapable, even beautiful; though they are certainly difficult.

When we care for these truths we do not say all the things I have mentioned above. We don’t, because what we say, we also believe; because we have absorbed those truths, and we accept that our life will have to be lived in public allegiance to these values. We are weak, and sinners. Sure. But we will not, therefore, bend those Truth to our own foolish ways, and declare them a grace, or a “limitation”. We will be terrified of lapsing. We will be – even more – terrified of apostasy. We will never even think of them as a minor failure. We will never ever justify them. We have been taught the Truth.

The block of granite stays there, and crashes all vanities, even ours. We will not say “God only knows whether I will remain Catholic” more than we could say ” God only knows whether I will rape the neighbour’s children”. We know that we need God’s grace in everything, and we can do nothing without it. But we know that it is our duty to give our allegiance to these truths, with all our heart and all our strength. If we openly flirt with the most horrible things, well clearly there’s a problem here that does not depend on God’s grace, but on one’s collaboration with it.


Beware of such Catholics. They are blind trying to lead the blind. This particular (and particularly) blind person has given eloquent examples of her blindness here and here.

Avoid Patheos. Nothing good can come from there. It’s a place where even Catholic bloggers think of the “limitation” of thinking of apostasy whilst pondering on the grace of having fallen from sacramental life.



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