Heroin For The Church: Explaining Francis’ Pontificate.

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Francis' Pontificate explained. Francis’ Pontificate explained.

Firstly a short premise: I do not approve of Sedevacantism. Sedevacantist comments are not allowed. If I see that your comments aim at pushing – overtly or covertly – a Sedevacantist agenda, you will be banned. Some have already tested me in that and you do not read their comments anymore, so there. In these things, one must be a Fascist. Yours Truly does Fascism well.

Having said that, some Sedes have quality sites, to which I link as little as I can, but at times I think are worth linking to.

One of these is Novus Ordo Watch; who, it must be said, make an admirable work (if from the wrong premise) of collection and exposure of Bergoglio’s madness. I am sure many of their readers are not Sedevacantists, and visit the site because of the quality of the content itself.

This time they have some…

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