Meet “Frankie & The Beach Boys”

It’s the tragedy of this pontificate, you see.

When you start behaving like a clown for the atheist masses, where do you stop?

Frankie, the Evil Clown, has by now completely forgotten what it means to be an atheist. Atheists will send him their “good vibrations”, and everyone’s fine. “Are you an atheist? oh, I would be so pleased with your good vibrations!”. What does it happen to an Atheist when he dies in his Atheism, again?

Why an Atheist should send a Pope any “good vibrations” when they must (qua atheists) consider him a fraud, is beyond me.

But Francis never thinks this far. If it sounds good, it’s good enough for him.

Yeah, “good vibrations”. Not “repent”, but “send me good vibrations”.

Whatever this religion of vibration is, it is certainly not Christianity.

What an evil, evil clown.


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  1. So, will he take up surfing next?

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