Medjugorje: Too Stupid Even For Francis



Only a few minutes left before the next message….


Via Rorate Caeli, an abc article reports Frankie stating the following: 

“where are the visionaries who tell us today about ‘The letter that the Madonna will send tomorrow at 4 p.m.?'”

Of course this is a reference to Medjugorje. There are no other “visionaries” claiming to know when the next message from the Blessed Virgin will be given to them.

Not only is Medjugorje too stupid for words. It is too stupid even for Francis! 

I also notice a helicopter can cover the 110 km between Sarajevo and Medjugorje in, say, less than half an hour. Like John Paul The Not-So-Great, Francis avoided the stop. This is also very telling.

Thirdly, Cardinal Mueller stopped an event in Modena, held every year by the not-so-pious nutcases, now that the old bishop who protected them is gone. That’s a third clue. 

I remember Francis making an observation like the one reported above some time ago, and I might have written on the matter. Believing in the Medjugorje rubbish is one of the few mistakes the Evil Clown will not make. But this does not mean, by far, that he will do it right on this matter, then every little encouragement, or praise, or understanding, or half hint will be taken by them as an indication they can go on with their madness.

Medjugorje is a shame for the Church, and a mockery of Catholicism. It must be crushed to the ground, and made to stop.


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  1. I have a feeling he will rubbish it however he will praise the faith of some of the followers. My biggest fear is the Fatima will also be lumped with this hoax in the minds of the average catholic in the pew

    • Personally I do not see the danger. In my eyes, the danger is more present now (considering Fatima a hoax because Medjugorje is) than it will be after Medjugorje has been chastised.

  2. Yes, Francis will tell us there is nothing supernatural happening, but that people can still go there for “fellowship and prayer” – he wants a mess – this will be a mess.

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