Very Well Done, Mr President!

Poland’s new President is at Mass, his hands joint in prayer. He sees a Host fall on the ground. He immediately stands up, chases the Host pushed by the wind, catches it, stands up with it, brings it back to the priest.

Two short observations:

1. The immediate reaction of the man indicates, to my eyes, a man who believes in the Transubstantiation (how many still do? Atrocious question, I know, but: how many still do?). He doesn’t waste time in thinking what to do. A Host is on the ground. Time to act.

2. Why must these things happen?

This is another of those occasions when one reflects that the Mass is truly meant to be celebrated in a church, not en plain air. It can be that, by some mistake, a Host falls on the ground; but having to chase it in the wind is a different matter altogether.

How many masses outside of churches were there before V II? How many now?



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  1. I guess it goes without saying that if the priest had distributed the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ only on the tongue, while the recipient knelt, and had the altar boy used a paten – this desecration would have been avoided. But yes, this good man’s reaction was splendid.

  2. A truly Catholic man!!

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