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Bruce Jenner And The Feminists

The insanity surrounding the perverted madman called Bruce Jenner leads me to the following short considerations:

1. Women praise a man for being the caricature of a woman. This is bad enough.

2. The obscene magazine that gave Mr Jenner the cover tried to make the argument that he looks like a woman. Well he doesn’t: he still has a jaw that could be used as paper cutter, and appears between pathetic, creepy, outright creepy and perverted; and, of course, creepy. Epic fail.

3. The same obscene magazine tried to seel us fake breasts for real breasts, fake hair for real hair, etc. Wait a minute: isn’t this exactly that “sexualisation” of women that the feminazis so often lament? Why stay silent now? Either Mr Jenner looks like a woman (and then he is being “stereotyped”, which is “sexism”, and his “body” is “objectified”) or he doesn’t (and then he is just a pathetic, creepy, perverted circus tool).

This entire Bruce Jenner affair reveals all the stupidity of this gender-madness and Trannie-mania. It has made of the “movement” the parody of itself. As already happened for the environ-mentalism, at some point the hype will deflate, because the stupid masses – stupid as they are – reach the point where it becomes too uncomfortable for them to truly believe their own dear lies.

We might be rapidly approaching the point in this case. Can’t wait for the Olympic medals in women disciplines being taken away by muscular men without a willie.

Believe me, the reaction of the women will not be so “inclusive”.


How Feminism Killed Its Daughters

Mundabor's Blog

One of the most tragic effects of the modern culture of death is being revealed in the last years: the selective abortion of girls.

As you can read here, this murderous practice has taken hold not only in China, but also in other Asian countries characterised by a strong preference for boys (curiously, then, some liberals will tell you that Catholicism is male-centered).

When in a country like China 120 boys are born for 100 girls, you know something really bad is in the making.

On the one hand, this clearly impacts public order. Males are sexually aggressive and a generalised scarcity of women is, on a collective scale, bound to cause problems of various kind. I can’t imagine that countries with a primitive legal system but vastly corrupted local structures, like China, will not have mafia organisations selling the “right to marry” in the territory they control, and…

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Abortion: The Surreal Battle For Sanity

To a European, articles like this appear entirely surreal. 

I understand from it that the following applies: 

1. Abortions clinic were free to operate with standards that are below those generally required in the medical profession. 

2. This was challenged by pro-life group because of the desire to protect the women’s health, actually one of the stated aims of the feminazis promoting abortion. 

3. The Court of Appeal decided that yeah, abortion mills must be run with the same standards as “other” “medical” facilities. Duh?

4. The desire to protect the women’s health is a great scandal for abortionist, and the matter is now expected to land in front of the Supreme Court. 

5. The mere requirement to meet the minimum standards observed by all other doctors was sufficient to force four fifths of the structures to close.  


I am glad such small steps are made, and welcome every event that makes abortion mills shut down. But honestly, I cannot imagine that in time the number of abortion mills in Texas will not go back to (un)normal even if the Supreme Court upholds the decision of the Court of Appeal, and the standard of medical decency are required everywhere in the US. In the end, the end of abortion goes through its ban, not through its becoming more expensive. 

Still, this is good news not only because it shows a good battle fought with intelligence and the very weapon of the enemy, but also the hypocrisy and cynicism of the “reproductive health” bull. 

Texas is, I am told, also the State now planning to re-introduce open carry. 

They get better and better. 


The True Face Of Feminism

A celebration of Feminism. Quite.

A celebration of Feminism. Quite.

The disturbing, clearly satanical, statue you see above has been installed in London, where the Tyburn Tree used to be. 

The satanic monster is, we are assured, “symbolic of female strength and a desire to care for the young”. 

Words fail. The picture says it all. This, my dear reader, truly is feminism made statue. Utterly unfeminine, completely threatening, and through and through disquieting. I would call it some pagan cruelty deity, but actually the adjective “satanic” comes automatically to mind.

The funniest thing of them all, is that the feminist/satanic “artist” complains that the homeless have decided to live around the monster. Not because it’s beautiful, mind; rather, because it gives them shade.

Words fail… again. One would have thought that the heroic (male) defender of the oppressed female of the world would be proud of having his oh so beautiful work used in such a way by other oppressed of the earth? No solidarity? Tsk, Tsk.

What an ugly bitch, this man. I think he looked at his soul for a moment or two, and came out with the idea for the monument.

I hope petitions will be started for the removal of the satanical monster. It will scare the children. Actually, it will scare the adults, too.

It is the perfect representative of the satanic, ugly world awaiting the coming generations when Christianity is – which is not improbable – wiped out of Europe, in one generation or two.


The Female Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

The Second Feminist Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

I suggest a carrot, and hitting the gym. What about a carrot and hitting the gym instead?

I thought this is a parody of feminism. It isn’t.

Some interesting tenets of feminism are exposed here with a candor that allows us a deep – if deeply disgusting – look at the moral desert that is a modern feminist – nay: a feminist of all ages; the word itself should be banned from neutral conversation and land in the region of mocking words, like “dyke” and “faggot”-. 

Some of the pearls of wisdom:

“Every time I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit.”

Curiously, I have the same reaction whenever I hear the word “feminism”. Whenever something is said that is in contrast with God’s command that the woman be first mother and nurturer, and the husband first protector and provider – for which respective role God…

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The Lesbian Monologues

The Feminist Reblog

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I knew feminists are hard cases of resentful, bitter ugliness – I have written about it in the past -, but this article actually drives home the extent of the madness.

It was already evident that by every feminist – feminism is, as an “ism”, unavoidably angry bitches – lesbianism can’t be far away, as it is in the nature of such an hostility toward the other sex to refuse any contact with it; or more probably, the other’s sex utter refusal to touch a feminist with a barge pole slowly pushes the already abnormal angry nutcases from latent dykedom into an outright one.

What is amusingly tragic is the concept that every God-given intercourse of the God-given way – yes, the one used in order to make children; dykes not excluded – would now have to be classified as rape. Which clearly means – if words have a meaning…

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