Bruce Jenner And The Feminists

The insanity surrounding the perverted madman called Bruce Jenner leads me to the following short considerations:

1. Women praise a man for being the caricature of a woman. This is bad enough.

2. The obscene magazine that gave Mr Jenner the cover tried to make the argument that he looks like a woman. Well he doesn’t: he still has a jaw that could be used as paper cutter, and appears between pathetic, creepy, outright creepy and perverted; and, of course, creepy. Epic fail.

3. The same obscene magazine tried to seel us fake breasts for real breasts, fake hair for real hair, etc. Wait a minute: isn’t this exactly that “sexualisation” of women that the feminazis so often lament? Why stay silent now? Either Mr Jenner looks like a woman (and then he is being “stereotyped”, which is “sexism”, and his “body” is “objectified”) or he doesn’t (and then he is just a pathetic, creepy, perverted circus tool).

This entire Bruce Jenner affair reveals all the stupidity of this gender-madness and Trannie-mania. It has made of the “movement” the parody of itself. As already happened for the environ-mentalism, at some point the hype will deflate, because the stupid masses – stupid as they are – reach the point where it becomes too uncomfortable for them to truly believe their own dear lies.

We might be rapidly approaching the point in this case. Can’t wait for the Olympic medals in women disciplines being taken away by muscular men without a willie.

Believe me, the reaction of the women will not be so “inclusive”.


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  1. Number 3 is interesting. Isn’t it strange how people cannot see their double standards? Just illogical.

  2. This whole thing would be laughable except for its effects on children. Sexual attraction and gender disorders are caused by environmental situations and the constant publicizing of this perversion by the mass media can’t but have a harmful effect on little children who are struggling with their sexual identities.

    • They are helped by environmental situation, I would say; but the seed must always be first in the person who has a tendency to sexual perversion. Still, a healthy society helps everyone to grow in a healthy way, even those with a less self-assured identity.

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