How Feminism Killed Its Daughters

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One of the most tragic effects of the modern culture of death is being revealed in the last years: the selective abortion of girls.

As you can read here, this murderous practice has taken hold not only in China, but also in other Asian countries characterised by a strong preference for boys (curiously, then, some liberals will tell you that Catholicism is male-centered).

When in a country like China 120 boys are born for 100 girls, you know something really bad is in the making.

On the one hand, this clearly impacts public order. Males are sexually aggressive and a generalised scarcity of women is, on a collective scale, bound to cause problems of various kind. I can’t imagine that countries with a primitive legal system but vastly corrupted local structures, like China, will not have mafia organisations selling the “right to marry” in the territory they control, and…

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  1. Even worse is the harvesting of eggs from unborn girls who are aborted. This surely must be a sin to top all other evils. Can a just God not hear the silent screams of these unborn children and be far off from punishing us who have allowed it to happen? We are surely worthy of his Divine Wrath. The Pope can talk all day about ‘mercy’ however perverse the definition has become, but not a peep about His righteous and justifiable anger.

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