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I was a child in the late Sixties/early Seventies, and the world was already nearing a global catastrophe. Or so the Leftists said.

Oil was about to be depleted. The global cooling (you have read correctly) was a very big issue. We were too wasteful, too superficial, too self-centred. We were destroying the Amazonian Forest. We weren’t as wise as the Chinese and Russians, who refused “consumerism”. We were too many, all four billion of us. Soon there would be no place anymore for all of us. Not enough to eat, see. Terrible wars would ensue.

 As I grew up, it went on. Nuclear power plants would soon kill us all. The German forests were clearly dying. The Polar Bear was almost no more. The oil reserves were still about to be depleted. It was, clearly, all our fault. Particularly because Ronald Reagan wanted to kill everyone is…

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