Environ-Mentalism: Don’t Make A Fuss, Says Grima Wormtongue





You cannot believe the kind of rubbish the fake catholic sites will print in order to deny reality. 

After the huge uproar even before the release of the encyclical (no surprise about that, when Enviro-Dr-Goebbels advises the Pope) we are told (here the link that does not link) that we should simply relax: hey, Popes have always loved a tree, right?

This is the usual smoke bomb of the Catholic libtards, and it might be useful to say a word or two: there is an immense difference between being a friend of the environment and being an environmentalist. Catholicism teaches to use Creation with respect, it does not teach to make of Creation a religion.

Francis made a first huge step in the wrong direction in that he accepts the environ-madness of Prof. Schellnhuber & Co; so much so, that he allows the man to be of the three (and the only layman) who introduce the rubbish work to the press. Having made the first, hugely wrong step, other absurd mistakes (none of them promoted by past Popes, let alone Church teaching) will be unavoidable: the world government madness to keep environment and poverty in check, the enmity with even normal Western lifestyle, and the like. Further steps the Evil Clown will not openly endorse, but they are the unavoidable consequence of such thinking: population control in form of massive recourse to contraception and abortion.

Grima Wormtongue can tell us not to fuss as much as he wants, but this encyclical will be a huge shame for the Church. Not because it will introduce any new “truth”, but certainly because it will show to the posterity what kind of talking ass was made Pope in 2013.

The likes of Prof Schellnhuber shape Papal policy on the environment. This truly says it all. 



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  1. Notice the Germans perverts are everywhere, from the Team Bergoglio scandal that got him elected, to the Marx&Co. mess at the Sex Synod and now to the Eco-encyclical. Looks like with Franics, money talks.

  2. I define myself as a conservationist to distance myself from the religion of environmentalism.

  3. mariachristina9

    Biographical info about the Pope is limited, but, in my opinion, there’s evidence of a controlling personality. He had many career setbacks due to his interfering and meddlesome nature. Yet, he was lucky to keep receiving appointments, until, however it came about, he was elected Pope. Now he has his dream job where he wastes no time in relentlessly changing and remodeling the Church to conform to his own vision. But maybe it’s not enough to control the OTC. By getting into the environmental business, he now gets to be on the world stage and be a world player. It’s the natural progression of his world-class ego.

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