Francis Takes Initiative Of Meeting Pervert Activist

evil clown

The Evil Clown strikes again


Well, this is not unbelievable. But only, of course, because we have been accustomed to the otherwise unbelievable. 

Riscossa Cristiana (article in Italian) reports that Francis will meet in July a “married” pervert activist.

The meeting is, reports the original source (the Italian newspaper “Il Giornale”), due to the initiative of the Vatican. In plain English, this means that the perv did not even dream of such a platform, but Francis insists on giving it to him

Even more disquieting is the fact that the meeting is allegedly due to the “role of the organisation in the society” of the Country (Paraguay) in which the pervert (Argentinian like Bergoglio) and his organisation are active. This cannot but be interpreted as the acknowledgment of a positive role. 

Open your big, blue eyes here. Francis is doing whatever he can to promote the cause of institutionalised perversion. He is pushing the homo agenda out of his own initiative, preventing any initiative from the other side. he truly wants to side with them, he wants to help them in ways which go beyond their wildest hopes. 

And now yours truly must pose the question: is this Pope homosexual? 

Who, other than a pervert, would go to such extent to defend and promote the cause of these disgusting individuals, and he the Pope? Who, indeed, if not a pervert? 

What an utterly disgusting, filthy old man the Cardinals have picked. 

Pray for him, that he may embrace Catholicism and, actually, Christianity. 

Pray for the Church, that she may be freed from this rotten man.

Pray for all of us, that we may be happily obtain entrance to Purgatory notwithstanding the diabolical disorientation spread by this walking disgrace.

God will not be fooled. The fool, here, is Francis; together, of course, with those who follow him in his satanical way, or celebrate it, or cover it in any way.



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  1. Utterly disgusting. How can he do this?

  2. Will. not. swear.
    Want to.
    Because the Romans used to preach the gospel and do great good. Now they have become worse than the Anglican church. But at least the Anglicans in Africa and NSW believe, and that remnant remains.

    I pray that the magisterium is not perverted, and that ould faith, the ‘ould Kirke’ returns. I know live Romans treat us reformed as close to out of the fold (and we have returned the insults over the year) but if there is life we can have a theological debate, accepting the work of Christ.

    But this smells of death. From across the Tiber.

    • The best way you can fight the stench is to delve into the purest water of Catholicism, pukeko; and, in time, come back to where you belong.

      A heretic may have, as they say, “good intentions”, but he is seriously wrong.

      Don’t die on the wrong side of the Tiber. It’s no small matter.


  3. Curious obsession that Bergoglio has with deviant sexual behavior. Among all the more significant issues today that lead souls to perdition or Christians to martyrdom, he is obsessed with embracing flaming sodomites. Blackmail perhaps?

    The church is full of promiscuous and blasphemous sodomites and he is well aware of this fact. Perhaps the “lobby” has some secret files on Bergoglio.

  4. The further he advances in his abominated mission that spreads errors of sodomites’ sex against Jesus Christ’s teachings the louder and clearer he exposes himself as a “malo.” Instead of guarding and defending the Church he pillages, dissipates and pushes it down to hell, betrays his Vicar of Christ’s role. Certainly he must be a homo to be satanic agent since the fallen angel loves faggots that insult God Almighty. I have no doubt that he was infiltrated in to the Church a long time ago and stayed there as a “mole” until he got powerful rank to undermine the Church like many other communist party young members have joined the church in the 40’s (many of them have become cardinals). There is no mistake here, it is betrayal! Lenin said,” There is nothing suddenly happened, everything is planned.” May God stop him before he drags many souls to hell. Oremus.

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