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You Make Me Proud

As some of you will know, when you write a blog to get to know who is linking to it. For example, if you have a blog called “Long Live Vatican I” and link to a blog post of mine, this link will be followed by, say, 35 (or 350) readers of yours, who land on my blog through the link you have posted. 

In my “statistics” page I will then see a list of “referrers”, that is: those who have sent you to my blog. There, I will see that 35 (or 350) visit have come, today, straight from the blog “Long Live Vatican I”, with the link of the exact page the clicks come from. Clicking on the link, I will land directly on the page of said blog, where either a blog post of mine is linked to, or a general link to my home page is posted. In this way I can go and follow, whenever I feel like it, whatever is said of my little effort and why. 

It makes me very, very proud how many discussion forums (or fora) and blogs echo what I have written; and enrich, comment, encourage, praise and, in general, like what I have to say. It is so beautiful to know that so many, who do not write blogs, comment and take to the keyboard to say a word or two about the present situation, and the present Pope, and the times we are living. My dear friends, there are so many out there who feel exactly as we do, though most of them may not write blogs or be only occasional posters! 

Having said that, I also do not dislike my secret admirers. I mean, I despise them because many of them are certainly despicable. But I despise them for what they think and say, not for linking to me.

I like it when they link to me. This blog is there to put people straight in front of Catholic Truth, and you never know what ways the Good Lord will choose to make the one or other smash his nose on its beautifully hard wall. Therefore, whenever some fluffy, pinko V II wannabe stiletto-wearer (talking of men here…) links to me I know that some reader (actually, never many of them; but I am patient…) will follow the link and, in fact, be intrigued by what this rather blunt chap has to say. As they say, one page follows another, and you never know…

This blog is here not only to educate and to guide, as far as my limited means allow. It is also there to provoke, and to shock. It is there to offer something so different from the fluffy stuff a’ la “Patheos”, that when someone lands on these pages he is at least taken aback by the sheer assertiveness of the words. Let him insult me and despise me; let him, as it is fashionable to say today, “hate on” me. He might remember my words, though. Who knows: perhaps one day, long after I have been buried, the words will be useful to him. May this help them, and me too…

I know from personal experience that the shocking words one hears today may be what leads one back to the fold in three or four decades’ time. The shocking words are, in fact, exactly the words one will not forget. This is what this blog wants to be: a brutal, shocking experience that is also, hopefully, a seed. If you want the fluffy stuff please head to Patheos, where people tempted from apostasy will explain Catholicism to you; not exactly knowing what they are saying, but hoping to believe it themselves.       

You make me proud. Especially when you take me as inspiration, but even when you link to me to abuse and insult me. You never know what favour you may be, unwittingly, doing to your readers.









Papal Enviro-Rant 200 Pages Long

It reminds me of Karl Marx. 

He wrote an extremely tedious and extremely long treatise no one would read, so that the mystic about it could grow among the Idiotic Masses.

The Francis encyclical is said to go on for 200 pages.

Obviously, there will be everything and the contrary of everything; but it’s the Enviro-everything that will make the headlines; as the Evil Clown very well knows.

I call a huge sin against purity here.

Before you ask: no, I will not read the crap of this man any more than I read the whole of the “I will make you sleep” apostolic retardation. I will limit myself to comment on what Frankie Boy wants to get to the press as “the message”.

Two hundred pages. 

Karl Marx would be proud of this nincompoop.

I am sure Satan is. 




The Monstrous World Of Dyke Adoption




It is truly a sign of the stupidity of our times that the world keeps bowing in front of a bunch of perverts without noticing how completely bonkers – besides pervert – they are. 

The news reach us about the “comedian” Dyke who “adopted” a girl in 2013. Two years later she is already divorced and in a battle for the custody of the poor girl with her previous dyke “lover” (perhaps “hater” is more appropriate here). 

Interestingly, it turns out “comedian” Dyke wanted to “adopt” a second child from the biological mother of the first, but backpedaled when she knew the baby ( a boy, this time; what a life…) would be born with health issues.

The way these people live and think is sheer unbelievable. Hugely pumped dyke egos “marry”, “adopt” children as if they were puppies for the gratification of their own ego, “divorce”, “fight for custody” just as a way to carry on their stupidly pumped ego to its probable destination: a life of misery and possibly self-destruction on this world, and damnation in the next.

In just a couple of years we have a fake marriage, a monstrous adoption, a planned second monstrous adoption, a “divorce”, and the revelation the second “puppy” wasn’t according to normal specification and had therefore been rejected.

Nor should you think the “biological mother” is in any way better than the dykes.

This is a mother ready to nurture a baby for nine months inside her, in order to give it away to a couple of dykes. Go figure. Also note the casual way of the woman:   “When I later found out I was carrying a boy, I emailed them to say I needed to know they were on board, because otherwise I would have an abortion.”

“You’ve got mail, dykes!  Yes, I have “found out” there’s another puppy on the way. Do you want it or shall I discard it?” 



Then the monstrous mother finds the gut to complain: “Rosie and Michelle weren’t the warm people I thought they were… I just felt like I was a dog breeding puppies for Rosie.”

Rosie O’Donnell “warm”? On which planet? And why, exactly, the ugly dyke was simply breeding puppies, and the monstrous mother wasn’t? 

The last question is very tragic: was the baby boy aborted? I very much fear so, then Monstrous Mother does not say she gave birth to the baby and had the poor boy adopted. It seems to me rather an attempt to justify why (and I must use a strong image here) she smashed this “puppy” to a tree, and gave the other to a couple of dykes. But I might be wrong.

So, let us recapitulate what happens in the world of dykes and their liberal, slutty donors. 

1. The dykes consider the baby like a puppy. If it’s fine, they’ll take. Otherwise, they’ll pass.

2. The monstrous mother is not really different. If dykes want the puppy, fine. Otherwise, she’ll smash it to the tree.

Why monster number 2 thinks she is better than monster couple number 1 is not entirely clear to me, but then my readers may help me in that.



The Thing With The Link

The “rubbish link” reblog

Mundabor's Blog


In past times, journalists used to harshly criticise what other journalists had written, or their general outlook on life.

It generally ended at that.

If, say, Il Giornale criticised Paese Sera, none of its reader ran to the newsagent asking for a copy of the culprit newspaper, just to make sure they had been correctly informed and Paese Sera was really the Proto-Communist crap it was purported to be. You believed those you esteemed implicitly. The criticism was, therefore, a criticism that didnot bring business to those who were criticised.

Not so today.

Today we have blogging journalists, and amateur bloggers, linking without any qualm to people whose opinions they disapprove of, heavily dislike, or even loathe. This brings business exactly to those who ideally should not have any; or at least should not have any from the right people.

It seems to me that blogdom and the…

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Please Do Not Post Rubbish Links

Two rubbish links in a day, and I should perhaps repeat a short message: do not post rubbish links. 

Whilst at times I might post the one or other link (with “do not link” if I have the time and opportunity) I instinctively dislike the idea of having rubbish posted here, and be it only to mock it. 

Every time you link to questionable or outright horrible material, you help it to spread and advance in the ranking of search pages. 

Do not post rubbish links. 



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