The Monstrous World Of Dyke Adoption




It is truly a sign of the stupidity of our times that the world keeps bowing in front of a bunch of perverts without noticing how completely bonkers – besides pervert – they are. 

The news reach us about the “comedian” Dyke who “adopted” a girl in 2013. Two years later she is already divorced and in a battle for the custody of the poor girl with her previous dyke “lover” (perhaps “hater” is more appropriate here). 

Interestingly, it turns out “comedian” Dyke wanted to “adopt” a second child from the biological mother of the first, but backpedaled when she knew the baby ( a boy, this time; what a life…) would be born with health issues.

The way these people live and think is sheer unbelievable. Hugely pumped dyke egos “marry”, “adopt” children as if they were puppies for the gratification of their own ego, “divorce”, “fight for custody” just as a way to carry on their stupidly pumped ego to its probable destination: a life of misery and possibly self-destruction on this world, and damnation in the next.

In just a couple of years we have a fake marriage, a monstrous adoption, a planned second monstrous adoption, a “divorce”, and the revelation the second “puppy” wasn’t according to normal specification and had therefore been rejected.

Nor should you think the “biological mother” is in any way better than the dykes.

This is a mother ready to nurture a baby for nine months inside her, in order to give it away to a couple of dykes. Go figure. Also note the casual way of the woman:   “When I later found out I was carrying a boy, I emailed them to say I needed to know they were on board, because otherwise I would have an abortion.”

“You’ve got mail, dykes!  Yes, I have “found out” there’s another puppy on the way. Do you want it or shall I discard it?” 



Then the monstrous mother finds the gut to complain: “Rosie and Michelle weren’t the warm people I thought they were… I just felt like I was a dog breeding puppies for Rosie.”

Rosie O’Donnell “warm”? On which planet? And why, exactly, the ugly dyke was simply breeding puppies, and the monstrous mother wasn’t? 

The last question is very tragic: was the baby boy aborted? I very much fear so, then Monstrous Mother does not say she gave birth to the baby and had the poor boy adopted. It seems to me rather an attempt to justify why (and I must use a strong image here) she smashed this “puppy” to a tree, and gave the other to a couple of dykes. But I might be wrong.

So, let us recapitulate what happens in the world of dykes and their liberal, slutty donors. 

1. The dykes consider the baby like a puppy. If it’s fine, they’ll take. Otherwise, they’ll pass.

2. The monstrous mother is not really different. If dykes want the puppy, fine. Otherwise, she’ll smash it to the tree.

Why monster number 2 thinks she is better than monster couple number 1 is not entirely clear to me, but then my readers may help me in that.



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  1. I enjoy your blog very much. Is there some irony, though, about the topic of Rosie followed by an ad about “21 Jaw-dropping Celebrity Beach Fails”? I supposed you are trying to make money from the ads, and the supplier serves up the ads without your approval (?), but the irony of the two together is too good. Thanks.

    • I might now suppose you are a very stupid man.
      This blog is free. It means at times you may see some ads.
      I actually almost never see them, but when they are there, there’s no sayin gwhat is there. I have no control over it, and see not one penny from it.
      A free and anonymous blog is what I want. You should be thankful you get it.

  2. Could you done without that image of a typical dyke pervert? I’m going to bed soon, and that creature is rather scary.

  3. Mundabor,

    Monster incubator #2 can never be superior to the Hollyweird two mommies. First, they are members in good standing of the rotten entertainment elite; secondly they happily display themselves as sterile advocates of an un-natural “union” and therefore have gained recognition as higher beasts by our spiritually sick media and anti-cultural elites. Incubator #2 has voluntarily tagged herself with the insult that the homosexualists once freely tossed against real families: “breeders”. However, monster #2 has potentially found an avenue which may gain her another un-natural couple that may need her breeding service: she has shown a willingness to abort on demand.

  4. In view of the upcoming visit of His Holy Faggestry Lord Homogoglio, SJ to the Paraguayan sodomy-promoting group Somosgay, this humble Irish (very proper for the occasion) bard has crafted the following poetic composition in Spanish, a la Dante:

    Aquí me pongo a cantar
    Al compás de Elton John
    A quien consideramos modelo
    Por ser tremendo maricón

    Nos las ovejas de Somosgay
    No nos andamos con vueltas
    Ya que irrigamos nuestro canal
    Con enemas en línea recta

    Nos ha dicho Pontifex
    Que somos la iglesia del futuro
    Porque en vez de ir de frente
    Lo recibimos con el culo

    Esta visita nos motiva
    A amar a nuestro hermano
    Ya que para promover la sodomía
    Hay que romperse bien el ano

    Los fariseos nos acusan
    De pecadores sin perdón
    Más nuestras mañas las enseña
    El Seminario de Asunción!

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