Jesus, Joseph And Mary Were Not Illegals

In another show of diabolical misinformation about the simplest facts of life we are, now and then, told, or rather suggested, that the Holy Family was in the same situation as the army of pimps, prostitutes, small criminals, their children and families, and other opportunists or simple scroungers (and, possibly, terrorists) who now wish to enter Europe without being in possession of the legal requirements to be considered refugees simply because… we are getting more and more stupid.

Let us clarify a point here: Jesus, Joseph and Mary were never “illegals”. They did not dodge any frontier post. They did not fake any distress call. They did not pay any criminal to smuggle them anywhere.

They simply moved from a territory under direct or indirect control of the Roman Empire to another territory under direct or indirect control of the Roman Empire. Exactly as Jesus did when going to and fro between Judea and Galilee. Exactly as St. Paul did when moving around the Mediterranean. Exactly as Christianity spread all over the Empire. There is clear indication in the Gospel – and there is obvious indication in the history books – that none of these movements was “illegal”.

Nor has Christianity ever taught that frontiers are illegals, or boundaries unjust. Those who tell you such rubbish are the third-worldist enemies of the West, aided by their Muslim brother in arms, all of them at war against Western culture and civilisation.

It always sends my adrenaline levels to the sky when I hear illegality preached as something not only good, but godly.

I wonder why Pope Tree Hugger never talks about these simple facts?


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  1. I listened to a Radio 4 discussion about Francis’ political beliefs the other day with bewilderment. Some, including our own dear Cardinal Nichols, attributed Francis with sophisticated political opinions. Others were more realistic – he comes from a country that admires Peron – a man who was loved by the poor because he told them that he loved them and showed that ‘love’ by occasional grandiose gestures and nothing else. Sound familiar?

  2. ladyofquality

    Amen! The most logical thing I’ve read today, M. Our diocesan newspaper had a bleeding heart article about the conditions in U.S. Detainment camps. The illegal immigrants 3 meals a day are COLD. Can you imagine?! Their pillows aren’t fluffed, there is no privacy… The paper interviewed a 16-year-old girl who had been sent from the detainment camp to Minneapolis (why not back to Mexico?). She said she wished she hadn’t come. Well gee, perhaps she shouldn’t have!

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