Well Done, Señor Fernandez de la Cigoña!

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Asses. Al of them.

The Eponymous Flower reports of the utterly shameless behaviour of the new bishop of Taubate’, in Brazil, called Dom Wilson. The man is the chap in polo shirt whom you see in the photo at the top, because in the era of Francis aspiring bishops are photographed in clerical habit only if strictly necessary.

The polo-wearing bishop was, at his inauguration mass, shocked at those (no doubt, rosary-counting) faithful kneeling and expecting to receive on the tongue. Therefore, he asked them to stand up and receive on the hands, then elementary devotion and respect for the Blessed sacrament as practiced by countless generations before the Age of Hashish was obviously unbearable for his delicate V II sensitivity.  

I do not know you, but I smell the fag here. 

Still, this is not why I write this blog post. 

I write this blog post because the well-known Spanish blogger Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña called the bishop with the following words: 

chulo de mierda. 

My Italian allowed me to translate the last two words instantly, but I must admit I was taken aback at the first. No worries, though: a short search informed me that the word can be safely translated with that short, colourful sounding, English colloquial expression, “pimp”. 

“Chulo de mierda” means, therefore, “shit pimp”; or, if you love the far more musical language of Dante, “pappone di merda”. 

Yours truly is now pausing for a short moment, as he wonders whether this is the appropriate way to describe a pimp  successor of the Apostles. 

On the one hand, it can be said that a bishop should not be grossly insulted. He stays in direct succession to the Apostles, & Co, & Co.

On the other hand, I would very much like to know in which other past age has happened that bishops (this here, and many others; one is even Pope) showed themselves so brazenly, so openly as enemies of Christ. In the past, a bishop might have loved wine or women; he might have been a bad example for the sheep entrusted to his care; he might have been corrupted, cowardly, scheming. But he certainly did not go out of his way to insult Christ, and the faithful with Him, with such shamelessly open hostility to Catholic thinking, devotion, and tradition. 

The blogger in question puts it in this way: 

If the bishop does not respect the faithful, why should the faithful respect their bishop? I am not subject fortunately, to this idiot and therefore am without fear of his shepherd’s crook to say what I think

And therefore, my dear readers, I wonder – and I ask you – whether absolutely unprecedented attacks to the Church moved against her by her own shepherds should not prompt, in us, answers equally unprecedented. I wonder whether, when we die, we will be praised for calling a chulo de mierda what he is, or for just shutting up because in the past, bishops used to behave – corrupted as they might have been – in a very different way. I wonder, lastly, whether there are other ways to forcefully put in front of the sheep the treason of their shepherds.

The sheep  are rather dumb. Unless they receive a signal strong enough, they will follow the satanical shepherd to hell. Is this what we want? Is this our duty as Catholics? 

I ponder on this, and reflect on the human nature and the lemming mentality of too many people, particularly the poorly catechised ones of this disgraceful generation.  And I think that Señor Fernandez de la Cigoña would, ceteris paribus, enjoy a better seating place in Paradise than another man who has lived exactly like him, but always refrained from harshly criticising a bishop; minding, in fact, the rules of politeness over the first care of the Church, the salvation of souls.

More power to that emotional blogger, then. In his outrage I see sincere love for Christ and His Church. In the bishop’s behaviour I see open, public despise for both (which is, again, why I smell the fag; but I digress…).

We must be more vocal. We must call an idiot an idiot, and a pimp a pimp. The fact that he is a bishop does not make him exempt from the criticism; it makes him, in fact, vastly more pimp!

I so wish that other bloggers would take example from the beautifully emotional bloggers of the Mediterranean zone, and would begin to write such words like “idiot”, “pimp”, “whore”, and the like when confronted with such behaviour.

The sheep sense ridicule. They perfectly well understand when a Pope is openly called an idiot by those with credentials of orthodoxy. They might be shocked, but they will register the fact all right: faithful Catholics think the pope an idiot, and many of his bishops pimps and whores.

I think it would save a lot of sheep.


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  1. “shit pimp” OMG… I have never laughed so hard in my life because no truer words were ever said. Being a woman and mother of 10 I’m not really supposed to talk like this but d*mn if this guy wasn’t spot on!!!!

  2. Obviously, an apostate and enemy of Our Lord God, as is Francis.

  3. Well, in Spain there are precedents of similar insults. For example, S. Beatus of Liebana and Eterius, exiled bishop of Osma, occupied by the moors, called Elipandus, archbishop of Toledo, “antichrist’s testicle” (“adminiculus antichristi”) for their Adoptionists positions, specifically:

    “These [the heretics] are the testicles of the Antichrist, with whose semen is begotten his perverse offspring which is coupled in the mouth of the Antichrist. […] This antichrist has as many testicles as there are preachers of his iniquity”.
    [Heterii et Sancti Beati ad Elipandum Epistola (Apologeticum) Opus, I, II, n. 96 ]

    It seems that nowadays the Antichrist will need a truck to drag his balls with him.

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