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Laudato Si And Humanae Vitae

I read around invitations to treat Laudato Si in the same way as liberals treated Humanae Vitae: ignoring it. 

This is the wrong attitude, and will create bad Catholics. 

Humanae Vitae was about Catholicism. Laudato Si is about environmental madness. The first is a legitimate topic for an encyclical letter and, insofar as it reflects Catholic teaching, must be treated with corresponding respect. The second is a very, very long printed fart of the Evil Clown touching on Catholic issues only when convenient to push an enviro-communist agenda; therefore, Laudato Si must by no means be ignored, but rather insulted as a shame for the Church.

We are Catholics. We accept that the Pope teaches us Catholicism, when the Pope is able and willing to do so, and makes his job as Pope. But we also denounce this buffoon as a secular moron slave of every wrong secular ideology (provided it makes him popular among those he likes, who are those who hate Catholicism), and not ashamed of prostituting two thousand years of Catholicism to promote them.

We do not ignore Laudato Si. We denounce it as a very long printed fart unworthy of anyone with a working brain, let alone a Pope.


Pope Pimp

Catholics and Christians are being targeted for mass murder all over the world, and here we get a papal encyclical on climate change and global warming?  I don’t know.  The two don’t go together.  If we’re gonna have a papal encyclical, you would think it be something opposing war or the real enemies of people.  Is climate change an enemy of the Catholic Church?  Is climate change an enemy of Catholics? Even if it is happening, as they say, is climate change a matter of faith?  Is it something that the church believes is a weapon being used against the faithful?  I don’t know folks.  It just doesn’t wash here.  And that’s why when I first heard the pope start talking about economics, just like in this encyclical on global warming, just sounded like pure, not even diluted, Marxism.

Read the rest here.

Pope Francis did not get his degree in 1936 (he was, unfortunately for all of us, born on that year) but for the rest you get what the man wants to say, and in essentials he is spot on.

The matter here is not even whether the global warming is a hoax or not (it is; but it is not about this). The scandal is a Pope prostituting Catholicism to his own anti-Western, proto-communist agenda.

Shame on him, and let us hope he dies soon.


Private Audiences In The Time Of Stalin

“… and at 11 there is the private audience with Cardinal Burke…”

By now even “Pathe(tic)os” bloggers got that Francis is waging war against Catholics whenever he finds them: religious orders, bishops’ seats, normal pulpits, or humble pews. Therefore, it is with no small discomfort that one reads that cardinal Burke has been now received in private audience by the Evil Clown. What news will be communicated to him? Transfer perhaps? Another demotion? Generic threats about what will happen to him if he keeps pushing for the respect of the Sacraments? We don’t know. But seen what we know, we have reason to fear. Such is a private audience with a good and orthodox Cardinal in the time of Stalin.

New “Vatileak”, New Culprit

Allegory of the Vatican

Allegory of the Vatican


Sandro Magister has been deprived of the accreditation by the press office of the Holy See. Let’s spend two words on this.

1. Magister has not been “silenced”. He will still get all the information he needs, and will still write (pretty much) all that he wants. He will not be there “live” when Lombardi lombardises, is all.

2. Magister has leaked a draft, and he has said so. It is inconceivable that the press office of the Vatican woul dsay to journalist “we will let you have the right version of the encyclical, but for now here is the wrong one for you to familiarise with it”. No. This was a “classic” leak: internal source gives a journalist a document, which he then publishes. 

3. To publish leaked documents is what journalists do. It’s their damned job. Lombardi & Co. should care that there are no leaks in the first place, rather than crucifying a journalist for exposing their own incompetence.


4. To repeat: there was no breach of trust. Lombardi has obviously not broken any embargo. He has not been handed a document from the Vatican press office and has disobeyed the instructions related to it. He has done what journalists do: published a document leaked to him.

5. It is good that the draft was published. People with a tougher stomach than myself will confront the two versions and expose the small adjustments, in which the most obvious giveaways of the Nazi ideology behind this document were removed because… too openly Nazi.


6. The draft has been published in its entirety. If these people were a tad smart they would put codes in any of the draft copies – a praxis used for decades – to identify the owner of the leaked draft. I can’t imagine that at the Vatican they are so stupid that they don’t know this. I rather suspect they are too lazy to work properly, or too incompetent to care for propriety. 

But notice how the world goes: another huge leak bares all the inefficiency of the Vatican, and the culprit is a journalist. 

By the by: Magister is a big, big name. The removal of his accreditation will have zero consequences for him. But he will make a note of this episode, and remember it at the appropriate juncture.  



Useless Churchmen And Illegal Immigrants.

Mundabor's Blog

Look! He fought against oppression! Like Jesus! Eh, ah, no?

It has become in the last months more and more frequent – particularly because of the disgraceful effect of the latest Papacy – to read of prelates who give interviews and say something for which there is no need at all of a Catholic prelate. This utterly Anglican attitude of being concerned exclusively with worldly matters has now become more apparent because the Pope drums for them incessantly, and this creates more opportunities and provides more attention for the many Bergoglini always ready to play Sunday Socialist for a cheap applause.

Whether youth unemployment or loneliness of the old, poverty in the South or waste in the West, all these complaints and slogans could be put in the mouth of every non-religious politician or political activist without any need for meaningful change. The message is secular through and through, and…

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