Private Audiences In The Time Of Stalin

“… and at 11 there is the private audience with Cardinal Burke…”

By now even “Pathe(tic)os” bloggers got that Francis is waging war against Catholics whenever he finds them: religious orders, bishops’ seats, normal pulpits, or humble pews. Therefore, it is with no small discomfort that one reads that cardinal Burke has been now received in private audience by the Evil Clown. What news will be communicated to him? Transfer perhaps? Another demotion? Generic threats about what will happen to him if he keeps pushing for the respect of the Sacraments? We don’t know. But seen what we know, we have reason to fear. Such is a private audience with a good and orthodox Cardinal in the time of Stalin.

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  1. Cardinal Burke said just before the conclave that we need not worry about who would be elected pope because all of the cardinals were put there by either Pope JPii or Pope Benedict xvi…so could Pope Francis be seeking some advice about elevating some new cardinals?

  2. Not so sure, Cardinal Burke was obviously pretty much in the dark about some his brother Cardinals before the conclave, so is he also in the same state about some of his brother Bishops now. Even Dolan fooled a lot of the faithful Catholics for a long time and some are amazingly still duped.

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