Useless Churchmen And Illegal Immigrants.

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Look! He fought against oppression! Like Jesus! Eh, ah, no?

It has become in the last months more and more frequent – particularly because of the disgraceful effect of the latest Papacy – to read of prelates who give interviews and say something for which there is no need at all of a Catholic prelate. This utterly Anglican attitude of being concerned exclusively with worldly matters has now become more apparent because the Pope drums for them incessantly, and this creates more opportunities and provides more attention for the many Bergoglini always ready to play Sunday Socialist for a cheap applause.

Whether youth unemployment or loneliness of the old, poverty in the South or waste in the West, all these complaints and slogans could be put in the mouth of every non-religious politician or political activist without any need for meaningful change. The message is secular through and through, and…

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