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Making Sense Of The Senseless: An Attempt To Explain Francis

What you see is what you get.

What you see is what you get.

Rorate Caeli has a beautiful article from the fortunately (and wisely) anonymous priest writing under the pseudonymous of Father Pio Pace. I invite my readers to follow the link and read it themselves.  Here, I would like to try to give my own personal answers to some of the questions posed by Padre Pio Pace concerning the character and motives of the walking disgrace we call The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and the world calls Pope Francis.

In my eyes, in Francis several motives, or if you prefer several personality traits, are at work simultaneously. We have – at least and certainly – the following ones: the stubborn child, the megalomaniac, the socially envious former poor boy, the anticlerical, the atheist, and the Marxist. The enviro-nutcase is, I think, rather a product of these than an original trait of the man; in the same way as his obvious work for Satan is far more likely to be the fruit of an obvious lack of faith than of willed allegiance to the father of lies. Still, make no mistake: a Pope so obviously prostituting the Papacy for his own self-promotion is as evil as they come. 

We must also consider this: that whilst the Press tries to construe a coherent “system of thought” in Francis, Francis himself is not at all interested in this. Like a child playing the King, the only thing he wants is to feel that his wish is other people’s command. Coherence is nothing to him. What pleases him is all that counts. A clearly uneducated man, he will spit in your face whatever rubbish seems smart to him on the day, and will either not notice how stupid it is or be aware of it and bask in all his nonsense being swallowed whole by the herd because he is the Pope (see above: child playing King).

A boor and a peasant was made pope. It’s pointless to try to make of him a thinker.

Francis is a stupid, uneducated, arrogant, impious, lewd, petty old man come to power. What does a man like this do when he is elected pope? He will be a stupid, uneducated, arrogant, impious, lewd, petty old pope. That’s it. Life is a simple thing, there’s no need to look around for complex explanations of why a boor behaves like a boor. If he walks, quacks, and swims like a scoundrel, then he is a scoundrel. 

This simple view of the reality in front of us – that is: this accepting the facts we see every day, instead of trying to construe a complex system of absurd explanations to try to find a “logic” in it – is, in my eyes, of great help in understanding the man and his actions. Francis rejects the French ambassador partly because, on this occasion, well-advised (let us be serious here: the man is clearly a homo and therefore unfit for the job, period; would they accept a pedophile just because he is “not practising”?), but mainly and crucially because he wants to spite someone: the man himself, say; Hollande, maybe; or perhaps the man simply reminds him of a teacher he did not like at school…

Francis does not need to question his motives, therefore he doesn’t. Le caudillo c’est moi. But then he lives under the roof of a homo, and makes everything he can to promote the homo agenda. Very possibly he is homosexual himself, and again in the world of a homosexual boor become Pope there is no contradiction in living under the roof of a homo and refusing accreditation to another homo. He does what he likes, and that’s that. Homos are the worst bitches to each other anyway.

It goes on: the FFI slighted him when he was in Argentina, and now he crushes the entire order… because he can. The SSPX are a completely different cup of tea. They would refuse to take wrong orders from him and are rich, influential, and not willing at all to be slaughtered by him in silence. Actually, if push comes to shove the SSPX may well crush him in his reputation and standing, and I think even a stupid child like Francis recognises that without effort. Therefore he is very attentive not to be their open enemy. Stupid child, yes. But a Jesuit, too.

The Synod explanation also goes along these lines. Stubborn child wants popularity among the enemies of the Church (he hates the Church; he hates Catholics. He is a Marxist, of course he does…), and the attack to a bastion of Catholic piety seems to him a very good way to achieve his aim. Francis, the hero of the world. Francis, the scourge of the rosary-counters. Alas, Francis is ignorant and stupid, and discovers last October, with his great surprise and disappointment, that those rosary-counters can, if provoked harshly enough, demolish him all right. Stubbornly, but more prudently, he continues to push the Kasper line; but he knows he will have to stop when he sees the risk of being crushed is still there. October will tell him, and us.

Laudato Si is also very easily explained. Stupid, boorish, Marxist child is – has always been – an enemy of the West, envious of the rich both as individuals and as countries. The role of the enviro-messiah allows him to achieve both ends: self-aggrandisement and chastisement of his enemies. Francis also seems to feel more powerful than he is, and unable to realise the clout of the Pope decreases rapidly when he meddles in things that are not his business. He thinks he can meddle in purely worldly affairs, and shape the planet according to… Castro. Stupid child. Children, particularly when they are stubborn, seldom realise their limits without smashing their nose on them. Francis had such an experience in October. This en-crap-ical letter may well be another of those a-ha moments. 


I could go on, but you get the gist. A boorish, ignorant, stubborn child with no faith and no shame was made pope. He keeps being the same boorish child, only now he has a wonderful toy – the papacy – at his disposal. He thinks himself the best thing since Juan Peron and will – very humbly, of course – let you know it. He behaves like a despot, crushing here and protecting there according to whim. He will put himself at the centre of the secular stage, and seek the applause of the world. He does not fear God because he does not believe in Him, or his trousers would be permanently brown by now. He will enjoy his power to the last and will enjoy even the freedom of being incoherent, childish, and outright stupid without consequence, if he only avoids the very worst.

And he hates you. He hates you. He hates you.


Laudato Si: Not All Bad? Give Me A Break!

hhhmmm.... this encyclical is so tasty!

hhhmmm…. this encyclical is so tasty!


Good Lord, that I should live to see the day where I am encouraged to consider “good news” the fact that the papal enviro-fart is… not all bad. 

Almost 200 pages of it, and it should be… all bad? That’s absolutely impossible! Not even Stalin would manage to put only rubbish and nothing else than rubbish in an almost 200 pages document! 

So now we have the world leftist, enviro-nutcases and bad eggs of all sorts rejoicing for the massive support Francis tries to give to them, whilst the Pollyannas desperately scavenge amidst the rubbish on the look for something that is, actually, usable.

Give me a break.

Reality has abandoned us completely. We live in the age of self deception.

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Francis’ Poverty And Environment Champion

Supremely popular? Kim Jong-un.

Off-The-Cuff Comment

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The Church seen from Francis Point of View. The Church seen from Francis’ Point of View.

Please tell me, anyone, whether any of our past Christian generations would have considered a Pope like this one anything else than pure evil. 

Please tell me, anyone, whether any one of you, of this generation, would have considered a Pope like this anything else than pure evil up to, and including, the evening of the 13 March 2013. 

Please tell me, anyone, whether any person put in front of the, say, thirty most scandalous statements of our Pope without knowing the author would recognise him as a Christian, much less a Catholic, much less the Pope. 


It is time to make some Lio. This individual must be buried in ridicule from every blog run by decent lay Catholics. 

The scandal is unprecedented. Satan’s provocation open, and daily. 

Ridicule, not polite disagreement, will destroy Francis. He does not care a fig…

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