Laudato Si: Meet Pope Social Justice Warrior

John Vennari spends some time, in the usual brilliant way, about another pearl of Laudato Si: the secular re-reading of the Bible according to the new religion of social Justice.

You remember the movie “Noah” of, I think, last year? The movie was stupid in the same way as Francis is stupid. God punishes the world because the people are mistreating the environment and, if I remember correctly, are being less nice and inclusive to each other than they are supposed to. Wannabe Christianity for the worldly and retarded. 

Francis does the same: he tells his secular audience that God punished Noah because of their… “constant failure to fulfil the requirements of  justice and peace”. This is the second part of paragraph 70:

We see this in the story of Noah, where God threatens to do away with humanity because of its constant failure to fulfil the requirements of justice and peace: “I have determined to make an end of all flesh; for the earth is filled with violence through them” (Gen 6:13). These ancient stories, full of symbolism, bear witness to a conviction which we today share, that everything is interconnected, and that genuine care for our own lives and our relationships with nature is inseparable from fraternity, justice and faithfulness to others.

It takes an ass like Francis to give a SJW reading to the Old Testament. It truly is a new religion, “which we today share”. Left-wing propaganda with a thin varnish of religion as an excuse. In the world of the Social Justice Warrior, sin is seen in terms of what goes against the new religion of Peace ‘n Justice. Francis is an ass like that, through and through.

We live in times in which even the Pope wants to be vaguely (and supposedly) ethical, and in the worldliest of ways, rather than being religious. This Pope is clearly embarrassed of the religion to which he is supposed to belong.  His Weltanschauung is fully and entirely secular. There’s nothing in him of the Pope. We are in front of a social justice charlatan.

Vennari says it very fittingly: this is a perversion of the faith and cannot be even called an encyclical, but only an embarrassment. 

Please Lord, free us from Pope SJW. In your mercy, give us, in your good time, a Pope who actually believes in the Catholic Truth.



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