Laudato Si: It Did Not Work



Four days of public debate have now gone by concerning the official text of the enviro-madness. 

I doubt one single Catholic has changed his mind about the environment and so-called man-made global warming because of this enviro-embarrassment. If he has, he should have his head visited.

The situation is exactly as it was before: pope sides with the enviro-nutcases, the abortionists, the Nazi-nannies, the proto-communists and the whining tree-huggers. Sensible Catholics either ignore or condemn him and his ideology.

The liberal mind is fundamentally stupid. Whatever it touches, it destroys. The only thing that is generally spared is the popularity of the idiot among his idiotic supporters.

Chavez’ madness has ruined Venezuela, but certainly there will be enough profiteers, scroungers, garden variety idiots and common communists to approve of his work. Castro is the same. Francis is the same.

Still: as for Castro and Chavez,  the popularity among the targeted audience is purchased at a very dear price: utter failure, and despise and ridicule among the functioning brains.

Francis is on the same trajectory as Chavez and Castro.

If Chavez or Castro had been popes, they would have written Laudato Si.

This long encycli-fart will be forgotten by the world in a matter of weeks, and remembered only by perverted BBC journalists to give themselves a tone every now and then. The encyclical will also, probably, be used by the UN Nazis in the coming months; but as they would have furthered their Nazi agenda anyway and this encyclical will not bring them new clients, the net effect is still zero.

A papal reputation squandered once again, and an encyclical that will be an embarrassment for the Church in the centuries to come.     



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  1. I viewed that Sycophant, Mr Vortex Himself, where he is trapped and exposed. It was almost as if Francis bought Mr Voris a nice Frappacino, with nary a peep.

  2. mariachristina9

    PF is most likely the worst pope ever, based on the number of lost potential converts and the demoralization of many existing Catholics. The only good thing about his papacy is that it will have an end.

  3. You are right Mundabor. Nothing that has been said in this Encyclical will make me change my views regarding so-called climate change. I reject the assertion that man is responsible for affecting the climate.

  4. I think even liberals think this pope is sophomoric. I mean the Church shouldn’t obsess on abortion but should obsess on air conditioning. The pope who said “Who am I to Judge?” when asked about a priest caught with a male prostitute but he is going tell us not to use air conditioning?

    Is anyone going to take this guy seriously?

  5. Besides further proving the Argentianian to be King of Crackpots another beneficial effect of the wacko encyclical is that it took some energy away from his Prime Directive, ie., driving you and me and anyone remotely like us into some other religion or the madhouse whichever comes first. The Great Reptile turns now and once again fixes us with a beady eye. Now he will have us, now it is time to devour.

  6. Have practising orthodox Catholics lost all reason? Liberalism and socialism, rationalism and naturalism are heresies – incompatible with truth, incompatible with the Deposit of Faith or the Divine Law.

  7. Crackpot, yes. Laudato, si; Francis, no.

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