Laudato Si: Muslims’ Plate-Licking

As feared,it turns out the very long enviro-fart of this disgraceful Pontiff is stinking around in many directions. 

Breitbart now informs us that Frankie quoted a Muslim poet to push his enviro-madness. 

Now: it is not that no great poet was ever born, who was  a Muslim. Omar Kayyam ( a Persian, not Arab; but a Muslim nevertheless) was poetically translated in English by Edward FitzGerald, and read and appreciated by countless – surely – extremely rigid Victorians. The same Victorians and Edwardians read and worshiped the extremely Catholic Dante. Art is art, you might say. Beauty is beauty. We love J.S. Bach, even is he was such a Proddie. 

However, a pope must know that what he writes sends messages. He must know that when a pope mentions a Muslim poet, he is sending a signal of “equality of cultures” – or worse, “equality of religions” – to his readers. Whilst it is not forbidden, or even sinful, for a pope to, say, appreciate Kayyam’s poetry in his own study he must well know, if he has a shred of common sense, that he must avoid in his encyclicals every sign that might lead a reader to think that there is a kind of “world truth” of which others participate with the same dignity as the Catholic faith. The Muslims world cannot shed any light whatsoever on truth. Therefore, a Muslim poet has no place in a papal encyclical letter. I wonder how many popes did the same before Francis? I wonder why? I tell you why: because it would further religious indifferentism. And this is exactly what Francis does: furthering religious indifferentism on the sly. In Francis the furthering is, in fact, not even on the sly. 


The atheist wannabe “scientist”, or the mentioning of the Muslim poet, all push towards the same goal: to show that Francis is just helping the Catholic side to reach this one World Truth, in which Muslims and atheists and Christians all work together for something that he deems so important but, not being related to salvation, is ultimately irrelevant.

What is not irrelevant is the Vatican propaganda of anyone and anything that is not Catholic.

And no, I do not think in his free time the man reads poetry. A resentful, ignorant boor does not become a fine mind just because the Cardinals made one of the biggest mistakes ever. The quote is, as pretty much everything in Francis work, designed to push this anti-catholic, alternative, “look at how different I am” agenda.   




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  1. Ah the Rubyiat:+) “Come, fill the cup, and in the fire of Spring, your winter garment of repentance fling. For the bird of time has but a little way to flutter and the bird is on the wing!” At least Omar mentions Jesus:+) And you’re right, no Pope uses an infidels writings in his ordinary/personal magisterium. God bless~

  2. At a Mass in Los Angeles recently, the first of the Prayers of the Faithful was:

    “That the Church may reveal all of the cultures and traditions of the world”, to which the congregation replied, “Lord, hear our prayer”.

    No one seemed surprised, or puzzled. Perhaps most people don’t really listen to those prayers, which makes it easy to slip in a totally heretical one. That intercessory prayer beautifully sums up the reality that the Church’s mission of saving souls has been replaced with the job of promoting everything but Christ.

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