The Bride Of Christ Is Being Raped



The Bride of Christ is being raped. For the first time in the history of Christianity, the pope leads the rapists. (See also here) Newspapers and other news outlets witness the rape, and call it holy. The entire world will soon be applauding.

No generation before us has seen such an open attack on the very basics of Christianity, led by the very top of those who should defend it.

The rapists had tried a surprise attack on the Bride in October 2014. It did not work. Now, led by the pope, the rapists try again. This time, the strategy is different: to put heresy into the world as either a point of legitimate discussion, or either – as the despicable RAI article linked above does – as a fait accompli, a change in the praxis of the Church already in place.  

The rapists have many accomplices, and many more will they gather on their way to the Synod: from the sycophants of all types to the dissenters of the Church of every colour, they have now launched a massive attack against the Bride.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. What will our bishops, what will our Cardinals do? Is there any one of them still interested in his salvation? 

Make no mistake: we will now assist to a massive media barrage, meant to flatten all resistance and to present the heresy as change, as evolving teaching.

May these bastards all go to hell if they die unrepentant – and yes, I wish them repentance; only the scale of the iniquity I see at play here makes it impossible for me to believe it will become a reality for more than very rare exceptions -, it is little consolation when we see the Bride raped, under our very eyes, amidst the cheers of the world.

What times we are living. Those who died last year have been luckier than us. 

We, who have lived to see this mess, must wonder how many souls will be lost, and resolve with more determination than ever that our soul, our soul will not be among them. Let entire worlds crush around us: we will stay firm in what the Church has always taught us. We will live and die believing in what our forefathers have believed. 

The Bride of Christ is being raped. This unspeakable disgrace, Jorge Bergoglio, will undoubtedly live in infamy for all the centuries to come. May he, if he dies unrepentant, burn in hell forever, together with the demons to whom he is prostituting himself. May all those who help him – if they die unrepentant; if they die unrepentant! – suffer with him in eternity for what they are doing.

The scale of evil we are witnessing would have been barely imaginable merely years ago. But on this saddest of days since Bergoglio was elected, we must recognise that Bergoglio is but the metastasis of a cancer that was started with Vatican II. A stupid generation has started the cancer, their sons and nephews must now cope with the metastasis. The price to pay must be horrible, and we are most certainly being punished in the most just of ways, by a most just God, for the iniquity of the last 50 years. 

The Bride of Christ is being raped. The pope himself leads the rapists. He has no fear of the Lord. He is a miserable scoundrel, unworthy not only of his white habit, but of being called a Christian. He is the enemy of Christ and the enemy of all of us. If you do not see the depth of the abyss in which Francis wants to lead you the smell of Reprobation is very strong in you, and I truly do not see how, bar a great help from the Holy Ghost, you can hope to attain salvation. 

And yes, he is the Pope. Of course he is. Are you blind, that you cannot see who is Pope? Are you stupid, that you cannot see what he is doing? Are you a little child, escaping in a fantasy world in which you can just wish a bad pope away?

Look at reality as it is. The pope is a puppet of Satan. This is the extent of the punishment God is inflicting on us.  

On this saddest day since the beginning of his pontificate, Francis has started his battle of Kursk, and there can be no doubt the anticipated attack is the prelude to months of pounding, cajoling, threatening, corrupting, promising, deceiving, and prostituting. Worms of all sorts will come out of the woodwork. People you thought faithful will prove corrupt. People you knew corrupt will prove rotten beyond imagination.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. Be the nice guy as you assist to the rape, and you might well pay the price in eternity. As you well should, as you should one thousand times if you die unrepentant.

I am fed up with these nice guys. From now on there will be only friends and enemies. Either you take a stance against the Rape of the Bride, or you are an enemy. No Cardinal can call himself out. No bishop. No priest.

Some of the traitors will, in time, repent. But it is an extremely reasonable, common sense observation that most of those who do not speak out now will not repent and will therefore – unless Christianity is a joke – face hell forever. It is terrifying only to think of how many they will be, at all level of clergy and laity. It is terrifying. Pray with increased strength now for those most dears to you. In this great shipwreck, let us try to at least save our dearests.    

The Bride of Christ is being raped. We can’t simply stand by and watch. Christ did not come to bring peace. He came with a sword. It was not given to our generation to fight and die with a sword, but when you die you will be asked what you have done with your keyboard and with your tongue; what you have done with your families, and with your friends – and yes, you will lose some of the friends, and perhaps of the family; but hey, think of what they run the risk of losing… -, whether you chose to be a Crusader or a Nice Guy.

Look at the guy in the illustration above. There were many like him. Countless died in the service of Truth. In the next months you will witness countless attacks to Truth; you will witness the pope leading the charge with barely disguised “neutrality”. You will witness countless prostitutes and Grima Wormtongues telling us how good it is that Francis promotes “dialogue”, and unspeakable heresy and sacrilege are now deemed worthy of “discussion”. They will have their reward.

But you, my dear reader, you will stand firm in the Truth  like the Rock of Gibraltar. Let those burn who want to. Let the little whores of the world sell themselves to it. Countless bishops, cardinals, priests will be among them. By the grace of God, you and I will not be of that number, and will be insulted by a mad planet rather than do what is really insane: betray the Truth.

The Bride of Christ is being raped. I cry out to the angels that they may see my tears. I cry out to the Lord that he may free us of this absolutely obscene,  blasphemous spectacle, and may put an end to the suffering of those who still care for the bride of Christ. I cannot bear to see the Bride raped in front of our eyes by a bunch of satanic criminals. I cannot bear to know, to see every day that the pope himself is leading the rape. I cannot bear to think of the apocalyptic scale of the punishment that must be in store for humanity, if the Lord allows such things to happen.

Never have we witnessed such times. A pope as The Bride’s Lead Rapist had never been inflicted on us; not even in the times of worst corruption, in the dark ages of Benedict IX or Formosus. This certainly must exceed the Arian Crisis in the degree of devastation, as the Pope officially leads a full-scale attack of the Deposit of Faith and the Sacraments. 

Prayer and penance. Penance and prayer. Be ready for everything. Whatever happens, never lose faith. Whatever happens, keep fighting. Whatever happens, hold to what all generations before us have believed. What a consolation, to have sixty and more generations of Christians before us, who have held to the Truth! What an encouragement to know of the poor Christians in the worst times of the Arian crisis! Because of them, we are stronger.

And we have the great promise of Indefectibility. Christianity in the West may well be crushed – and at this point, who would say it did not deserve it? -, but the Church will survive and emerge victorious, and more glorious, from every challenge.  

It may be our lot never to see that day in our lifetime. Let us act so that we enjoy that day after we have died.

Pray the Lord that he may free us from Francis and those like him. Pray for it every day. Pray it when you get up in the morning, when you go about your business during the day, and before you go to sleep in the evening.

Pray this prayer every day, so that you may find the serenity to sleep; to sleep as the Bride of Christ is being raped, and the Pope leads the rapists.   


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  1. Instead of TMAHICH you should call him Pope Judas.

  2. As always, Sir, clear, direct and to the point. Reality, loud and clear. In-your-face Catholic Truth. I made a post once where I used Aragorn’s quote from Lord of the Rings: “Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.” It seems an apt quote that fits your post to a “T” and reminds us this is open war – an open war against the very fabric of Catholicism and 2,000 years of Truth.

    The mere fact that the world fawns and dawdles over Pope Francis is enough of a warning shot across the bow of any Catholic’s ship that should sound the Klaxon for manning the battle stations. Sadly, too many are in Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement mode and can’t see the forest for the trees, through their rose-colored binoculars. They ignore 500 centuries immutable Truth, in favor of 50 years of watered-downed modern Catholicism – Catholicism that has been in “renewal” almost as long as I’ve been alive…I could see the contradiction even as a teenager back in the 60’s and more so now.

    The Pope is still the Pope and deserving of our prayers, but it does get harder and harder to look at his smiling face and read the Catholic headlines beneath the portrait that belies his smiling face. You find yourself asking “Why is this man smiling??”

  3. wow. You are always the icy blast of reason and Truth.

    There is no gray area anymore…there is no soft fence upon which to sit. The lines are drawn, cold and hard, and not to pick a side is to pick a side. You are right in all you’ve said, and the unthinkable has been permitted to come upon us. If it is down to the last 50 men and women, Christ’s Church will survive; battle-wise and compressed into a diamond….may we, please God, be among that number.

    “If we are mark’d to die, we are enow
    To do our country loss; and if to live,
    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
    God’s will!….
    Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
    We would not die in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us.”

    ….or to defend Him Who died for us.

  4. Thank you and God bless!!

  5. Notice the ham-handedness of these “working document” handlers…repeated reassurances that the Holy Spirit will lead. Haha. They say that evil is stupid and boy, is it ever! They are so transparent in their squalid ambition. This papacy is so bereft of grace it is breathtaking to behold. My constant prayer to Our Lady is to crush the head of the serpent. From every quarter The Slithering One is wending, curling, and bestowing the hiss-kiss of Death on all he touches. I yearn to hear his cranial bones shatter and have the sound echo through the cosmos.

  6. The Eucharist — JRR ‘Tollers’ Tolkien

    “Out of the darkness of my life, so much frustrated, I put before you the one great thing to love on earth: the Blessed Sacrament. . . . There you will find romance, glory, honour, fidelity, and the true way of all your loves on earth, and more than that: Death.

    “By the divine paradox, that which ends life, and demands the surrender of all, and yet by the taste—or foretaste—of which alone can what you seek in your earthly relationships (love, faithfulness, joy) be maintained, or take on that complexion of reality, of eternal endurance, which every man’s heart desires.

    “The only cure for sagging or fainting faith is Communion. Though always itself, perfect and complete and inviolate, the Blessed Sacrament does not operate completely and once for all in any of us. Like the act of Faith it must be continuous and grow by exercise.

    “Frequency is of the highest effect.

    “Seven times a week is more nourishing than seven times at intervals.
    Also I can recommend this as an exercise (alas! only too easy to find opportunity for): make your Communion in circumstances that affront your taste. Choose a snuffling or gabbling priest or a proud and vulgar friar; and a church full of the usual bourgeois crowd, ill-behaved children—from those who yell to those products of Catholic schools who the moment the tabernacle is opened sit back and yawn—open-necked and dirty youths, women in trousers and often with hair both unkempt and uncovered. Go to Communion with them (and pray for them).

    “It will be just the same (or better than that) as a mass said beautifully by a visibly holy man, and shared by a few devout and decorous people.

    “It could not be worse than the mess of the feeding of the Five Thousand—after which our Lord propounded the feeding that was to come.”

    Can be found in The Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind The Lord of the Rings, p. 219.

    I, Commander Sepp Benedikt, USN (Ret), KHS, call all to join the fight in earnest and assist at the Masses of the SSPX. Contact me anytimne for info. I am on Linkedin and FB (for nteworking and news only). Aure entuluvua!

  7. “Sire, the night is darker now, and the wind blows stronger;
    Fails my heart, I know not how; I can go no longer.”
    “Mark my footsteps, good my page. Tread thou in them boldly
    Thou shalt find the winter’s rage freeze thy blood less coldly.”

  8. God help us, PLEASE.


    Is applauded

    All the rage.

    Is marauded

    Mother’s rape
    Has weakened
    Her gauge.

    But Traditional
    Priests are
    Still in clover

    Hearth fires
    In red

    And cliffs
    Where souls
    Climb over and over

    With true Priests
    Reach hill
    Where Mother’s Son bled.

  10. I am from Argentina and it is the first time I comment here, I am sorry for my not pure English. It is sad for me to see that it is just an argentinian the man who is conducting the church into the abyss. I don´t want to be a Nice Guy! I think am not. But, the very few times I tried to do a minimal criticisim to Francis with some catholics friends, they looked at me with horror. The priest of my parish posts Francis´ news all the time on his Facebook, you get into the cathedral of my city and you find pope Francis’ photographs… where to go?????? Everybody seems to be a Francis´ fan! I lmit to attend mass (relatively decent novus ordo, there is no traditional mass in my southern city), and to pray rosary at home. There is only two catholic schools in my city, and I am afraid they are not very reliable…
    My daughter attends a non confesional school. I am really desperate, because there are no catholic examples for her outside home. For instance, she never attended a catholic wedding! What else can people like me do? I am very sad, and just trying to trust our Lord and Her mother. (Gabriela)

    • Sorry to hear of your plight.
      Do your best to raise your daughter in the values of the Church yourself, and to inoculate her against the poisons of the world. Pay attention to her acquaintances, do what you can to give her right thinking which, alone, can guide her.
      The rest is, I think, prayer, penance and hope.

  11. The author of a great article at the Federalist actually pointed something out that did give me the chills about this man. This latest encyclical on matters purely outside the pope’s competence actually contains this gem: Bergoglio uses the miracle of Christ calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee as an “example of how Christ lived in harmony with nature.”

    Sorry folks, but if that is what this man believes, that’s the end of the ballgame. That is not even a climate change issue which makes it worse. He is distorting and downplaying a supernatural miracle unmistakably showing Christ’s divinity into a tree hugging moment.

    I don’t need to hear more from this man. Zero. He’s done.

  12. mariachristina9

    Exactly, Mr. M! I believe the Holy Spirit has given you the insight to see the whole picture of the planned devastation to the Church. We all knew something was wrong with PF from the beginning but never would have imagined all that has happened. I thank God for you and all the traditional Catholic bloggers. The Lord said “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in Heaven.” (Matthew 10:32)

    • Oh, I don’t think the Holy Ghost is blessing me in any particular way. Rather, those who still do not see are, by now, out of excuses.

  13. Well done Mundabor.

  14. I believe “Partner” of Christ is the new and improved title.

  15. Grazie Mundabor . Grandissimo articolo !

  16. Absolutely, it’s a done deal, a fait accompli. Do you remember when Pope Montini announced that he would “study” the matter of artificial contraception. That too was a done deal. It didn’t matter what he wrote in Humanae Vitae, the issue of artifical contraception was closed. When was the last time you heard a bishop or priest talk about contraception as a sin? So, it is with this synod. In a year or two, no one will be discussing communion for the divorced and remarried. It will be a done deal. Homosexual marriage might be a slightly more difficult proposition, but never fear; it’s coming in the Catholic Church.

    • oh, I hear priests about contraception all right ( I attend in a conservative parish). I make a big difference between what the Church says she teaches, and what the priests refuse to teach.
      The Catholic Church has an immutable deposit of faith. So no, it’s not coming. If anyone tries to introduce novelty, the novelty is still not coming, but that someone is a heretic.

  17. Some of the clergy are starting to make me feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes: “Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty apes.”

  18. The true Church is being tortured and almost destroyed – we are a tiny remnant – by Pope Francis and the majority of bishops, priests, religious, etc., because they are heretics and not Catholics, not members of the Church (and for the majority of them, this is manifest and pertinacious).

    • Well, even as heretic bishops, they still are members of the hiearchy.
      We can certainly say that the Pope is a heretic (boy, this one reminds us of the fact every day), but it is not for us to decide that he is, qua heretic, also not the Pope.
      The same goes for the priest. A priest is a priest is a priest. He has received holy orders. He would retain them even if he were to be defrocked.

      I say this because I do not want some of my reader to understand your words in a Sedevacantist way.


  19. Francis I:
    Lover of The World, is worried as to WHAT The WORLD will say about him.

    He must choose between THE WORLD and The Kingdom Of God.

  20. You’re right. There will be either good or bad people. When “**it” hits the fan, as during a war, there will be no gray areas. People are either going along with this evil, or against it. This may be the Word, sharper than any two-edged sword, separating us. I know couples know who are divorced and remarried who not only received but are permitted to be lay Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers in my parish. People speak to the pastor about it and get chewed out for being busybodies. Now all hell is breaking over our heads.

  21. Remnant Clergy

    Hey M, FYI. See this post. I think you will be finding a WordPress replacement sooner than you think.

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