Irreversible… What?

The Satanic Prelates want to introduce the category of “irreversible adultery”. Yes, they say. It’s kinda bad; but it’s “irreversible”, so let’s be “pastoral”.

Let us examine this.

If Joe Bloggs makes a child with her cohabiting sister, Emma Blogs, should he remain with her because their incest is – how was that again – “irreversible”? No. It’s incest. It’s scandal. Therefore it must be reversed.

“But the child? The chiild? Why must the chiiiiild suffer???”

Because it’s a scandal, you simpleton! The scandal must end. It is infinitely better that there be inconveniences for the member of the scandalous union, rather than the scandal to be perpetuated for the sake of mere individuals. The Christian community is more important than individuals. The necessity not to give scandal must prevail over the convenience of members of scandalous arrangements.

When a man is convicted for murder, he goes to jail for a number of years, or even to his execution. He might leave behind a family (even a real one, born of a marriage) destroyed. Does the murderer avoid jail, or execution, because of the “irreversible” situation of having a child? No, he doesn’t. Does the child suffer at being deprived of his father? Yes, he does. Why does he suffer? Because it must be so. Because there is a superior interest at stake than his desire to grow near his father.

Does this apply only for murder? No. One can be jailed for many years for a number of reasons (say: tax evasion). Whenever this happens, a family can be “reversed”, and children deprived of their father. Where’s the cry of the Catholic nation?

When a husband is violent to his wife, she leaves him. This means the children lose almost all contact with a – let us say, in these cases – perfectly adequate, loving father, as being violent to the wife does not mean not being good, or needed, as a father. Does the Catholic world say that the wife should suffer the violence because of the irreversible situation? No. The Catholic world says that the child will have to cope with the new situation, period.

Adulterous scandal is continued attempted perdition of two souls, to which the danger of perdition of other souls through scandal is added. A Christian society understands this. A Christian society has its priority in order. A Christian society considers adulterous scandal much worse than tax evasion, a real murderous attack on many souls.

It is only when the priorities are not in order, that suddenly the child becomes so important. It is only when the greater damage made to society is willingly downplayed or not understood in the first place, that suddenly scandal must be tolerated for the sake of the child. Do we leave murderers free to roam our roads for the sake of their children? Do we really understand the gravity of adulterous scandal as a big bomb put in the middle of Christian communities? Do we really understand the nuke bomb effect of giving “ways” or “paths” for these unions to be “included”? If we care for Christ, we do. If we don’t, we don’t care for Christ.

Make no mistake: most of those who cry so loud about the children of adulterous couple would not hesitate in justifying the wife and mother leaving her husband caught cheating. Suddenly, the children are not so all-important. Suddenly, the situation is not so “irreversible”. 

No. Let me put it straight: the more you care for individual destinies, the less you care for God. When you do not care for God’s laws, individual destinies become all-important, and God becomes the embarrassment that must be outmanoeuvred and mercy-talked away. But then those very interests are readily discarded for civil offences, or for offences to women.

Where do your priorities lie?

Irreversible, my foot. The couple of the murdered is “reversed” all right when he is jailed. The child is separated from his father because it must be so. That’s it.

Get your priorities all right, and your thinking straight.

Show if you care more for God’s laws, or for civil offences.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    John the Baptist called the adulterer Herod to repentance. Christ, God himself, called sinners to repent.

    “Irreversible” sin is a Satanic claim. The Father of Lies led Judas to despair, and Judas refused the mercy of God. Jesus died to free us from our sins!

    To suggest that certain sins are “irreversible” is to make them acceptable. Rather than embracing the truths of the Faith, certain scurrilous prelates introduce heretical concepts as they attempt to win the approval of “the world, the flesh, and the devil.”

    Saying many Hail Marys for you in thanks for your clear explanation of this.

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