Caption Contest

caption contest

I’ll have the first go:

Benedict: “Hail Mary, conceived without sin… ”

Francis: “what is for dinner?”

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  1. Andrew Greenwell

    Benedict: Mein Gott, why wasn’t it Burke?
    Francis: Hmm . . . That humility ruse really worked. Wonder how I’ll get rid of Burke.

  2. Benedict: Please don’t send me back to the monastery!
    Francis: Look, I love ya like a brother, but ya gotta go.

  3. Bergoglio: Someone dared to take down my beach ball! where is my beach ball?

    Benedict: Pater noster qui es in coelis….

  4. Benedict: “Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum…”

    Francis: “Where did I put the crucifix I stole from that dead priest? What a smart move that was.”

  5. Bergoglio: …Gay team always wins!

    Benedict: ..sed libera nos a malo.

  6. Benedict: Oh my Lord what have I done?

    Bergoglio: I hope this doesn’t make me look like one those rosary counters.

  7. mariachristina9

    Benedict: “….but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

    Francis: “I could be interviewing my new team of ghost writers right now, no?”

  8. Benedict: Now, Lord, let your servant go in peace…

    Francis: I’ll have the best humble holy card face in this photo op.

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