Francis: Evil, Uneducated, And Stupid

"Love the grappa!"

“Love the grappa!”


We are, probably because of too many movies and novels, accustomed to think of the evil man as a man of uncommon intelligence. Whether it is The Joker, or Doctor Moriarty, we quite naturally link a great evil attitude with great gifts turned bad.

It does not have to be so. History shows us that a lot of people are evil without being smart, actually often being the contrary of smart. In Italy everyone knows the history of Masaniello, but you do not need to search so far. The newspapers are full of idiots who want to do evil and show how stupid they are in the process, from the one massacring people in church to stoke racial hatred to the one robbing cigars and threatening the shop owner in front of a camera and then proceeding to walk in the middle of the street with the cigar box well in sight, and then again attacking an armed policeman and thinking…. no one knows what. Many other examples could be made.

No. Very often, evil is stupid. This is actually much more common than the other case, then there aren’t many Goebbels or Stalins around.

Francis is a great example of this. He never run a country, or a party. His ascent to the Papacy came without having absolutely anything to show for himself besides running down, as much he could, a Seminary and a couple of dioceses. Incompetence and stupidity are – together with his great hypocrisy – the one true mark of his career.

This man simply isn’t smart. Actually, this man simply is a nincompoop. He is very uneducated, but too stupid to even try to hide this from the masses. No, he must tell you how much “power” air conditioning has instead, and that our extremely clean Western Countries are a “pile of filth”. He just reveals himself like the uneducated cretin he is; but, being an uneducated cretin, he does not notice it.

Francis is your typical pub rant champion who thinks how to redo the world, and has barely an idea of how to use knife and fork. He is one of those resentful old men people sincerely pity, or heartily despise, or both. Alas, some reckless Cardinals made him Pope, because he came from such a forgotten corner of the planet that his misdeeds weren’t noticed.

But his being uneducated and stupid does not mean he is not evil. He is not retarded, so he still knows what he is doing. His motivations are clear enough. The ideology driving him has been made manifest many times.

Evil, uneducated, and stupid.

That pretty much covers it.



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  1. Let me throw in one other possibility: senility

  2. Let me throw in a second possibility: Francis is God’s judgement against a church that has become excessively infatuated with its hyper-intellectualization of the faith (cf, von Balthazar and JPII, one of the former’s most enthusiastic disciples).

    • Oh, I wouldn;t make it as complicated as that.
      von Balthasar wasn’t hyper-intellectualising: he was a heretic who, in his arrogance and pride, could not stomach hell.

  3. You do not need to be smart to become devil disciple, he will teach you everything to be a smart ass. The more stupid you are the better to be chosen. Satan wants an arrogant, deceptive and blindly ambitious but dumb people so he can control, direct and fool you to do the dirty works for him. This pope could be worse than that since he opposes all Church’s doctrines like a devil. Did he get possessed.?

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