How To Pervert Your Child

I read around that 2015 could be the name of the “gender neutral” name. This are names that do not say whether the poor baby is a boy or a girl. This will give a substantial contribution to the confusion of the poor boy, or girl, and make him an easier pray to sexual perverts, particularly because a boy, or girl, raised in such an environment is not very likely to grow in the midst of sane people: manly men and feminine women.

The parents rejoice. “My son is questioning at the moment. We are very excited to see what comes out”.

A way even more promising to pervert one’s child is, though, the direct embracing of sexual perversion.

A boy called “Loretta” will have a direct attempt to make of him a pervert made on him from his youngest age. He will not remember being called anything other than what he is not, from his youngest age. When asked a school, he will be trained not to say what he is. His little friend will be considered no more than an option, basically an embarrassment.

Apparently,the actor Ryan Reynolds is attempting that on his own child. The man and his wife/companion/whatever have not been directed to any doctor. It is not known to me there are any initiative to take the child away from them and give him in adoption to normal people.

Perversion of one’s own child promoted and celebrated. This is the world we live in. 



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  1. Extreme evil is required to abuse one’s own daughter or son in such a depraved way – attacking the child on such a fundamental level, attacking his true nature, physiological, psychological, social, moral. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

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