V II Popes, The Mad Kissers

Every one of my readers certainly remembers Pope John Paul The Not-So-Great kissing that blasted Koran, instead of burning it.

That disgraceful episode had, at least, two extenuating circumstances: the Pope was clearly not compos mentis, and the Vatican officials tried to hide the act of a man now clearly gaga from the world. Alas, the Muslim side couldn't believe their luck, and ran to leak the photo. V II happens.


I see no extenuating circumstances in the Evil Clown kissing a Valdensian bible. Whilst a Valdensian Bible is not a Koran, it is a heretical book, and there can be no doubt that the kissing of heretical work is offensive to God.

In addition, even a Patheos blogger and my cat understand that this kissing was not the act of a man who is “not there with his head”, but the deliberate act of celebration of a Protestant attitude as expressed by their heretical texts. Francis is, as always, promoting heresy and trying to put into your head that it's perfectly fine to have a preference for vanilla, strawberry, or stracciatella if you don't like the Catholic Chocolate. Hey, we are all united by our love for ice cream! Ah! Uh? No?

John Paul II was clearly gaga when he kissed the Koran. But Francis is the very epitome of a Papacy gone gaga. A Pope not missing one occasion to sabotage Catholicism, and reproaching Catholics for believing in Catholicism at the same time.

I stop here.

They say one should not grossly insult the Pope.



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  1. You must be joking when you say John Paul II was not all there when he kissed the Koran. The disease he had was Parkinson’s. This is a disease of the body, not the mind. He was aware enough right up to the last day to insist he not go to hospital and that he drag out his death to the natural end.
    He kissed the Koran for the same reason Francis kissed the heretics’ ‘bible’ – he believed all people are on the same path to ‘wherever.’ His whole pontificate was a statement that the Catholic Church was not the only way to salvation. Plain and simple.

    • Parkinson’s does influence the mind massively. Look at Wikipedia under “neuropsychiatric disturbances”.
      in time of JP II’s I remember a German newspaper asking out loud how can it be that the Pope is the only one whose Parkinson’s does not affect his mind. It was very clear he “was not there” at times. In this case, it seems clear to me the man was in a haze and only vaguely aware of his surroundings and of what he was doing. Lucid JP II pre-parkinson’s never went around kissing Korans.

      More in general (but it is not the case here) having Parkinson’s does not exempt one from being an old man in his dotage anyway.

  2. John Paul kissed the Koran in 1999. He was not diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease until 2001. You can look up all the things he did in 1999- he was still writing, giving homilies, and traveling a good deal. I think it’s pretty clear he was in possession of his faculties. I’m sad to say that it is likely that John Paul II knew what he was doing at the time he kissed the Koran.

    • The Vaticna in those time was like North Korea. JP II looked extremely bad in 1999 already. I remember those years. They admitted only when JP II started to look like the Duracell Rabbit. And again, not having a certain disease doe not mean not being in one’s dotage.

  3. I do agree that JPII used his pontificate to promote V2 and indifference i.e. Assisi so the Koran Kissing wasn’t too far off the beaten path. God bless~

    • He certainly promoted, more or less willingly, indifference (how not to mention Assisi? And the first was in times above suspicion…).

      However, I can’t imagine him kissing a Koran in 1978, or 1986…


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