Comedy Frankie

I have just written a blog post explaining that Francis is evil, but stupid too.

The man makes me the courtesy of confirming my words in the funniest of ways: he blasts those who talk too much, listen little.

I quote, and if you are at the office with a cup of coffee in your hands, put it down now. 

“When Jesus warns people to beware of ‘false prophets’, he says: ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’. And here, by their attitude: so many words, they speak, they do wonders, do great things but they do not have an open heart to hear the Word of God; they are afraid of the silence of the word of God and these are the ‘pseudo Christians’, the ‘pseudo pastors ‘. 

Can you believe this guy? 

Now, I am not saying Francis is describing himself: he is not a false prophet, does not do great things, much less wonders, and everyone with a brain sees what a dimwit he is. 

But that he should go around shooting himself in the foot in this way, without even noticing, is hilarious. 




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  1. Claim: Pope Francis said evolution and the Big Bang theory are compatible with the Bible and religious belief.

    TRUE- (he really did say this)

    • The theory of evolution (and the big bang theory by implication) are, with adjustments, compatible with the religious belief. Says Pius XII, not I, and he explains why.
      Darwinism obviously isn’t.
      That the theory of evolution does not work is a different matter.
      I have written about it. No time to remember the name of the encyclical now.

  2. Standard liberal tactic. They do this to confuse the waters. They accuse their opponents of the very crimes they are guilty off. This helps disarm critics. When his critics go to criticize they sound like they are just using the Pope’s words.

    I don’t know if I agree he is stupid. He was smart enough to become Pope. We don’t want to underestimate him.

    • You must not understand “stupid” as in “retarded”. Stupid, rather, as a central or south american american dictator running his country – and ultimately himself – to the ground is stupid.

  3. God gives the faithful signs so they will not be deceived and this is an example–Francis unwittingly speaks of himself. This is like the, “…this might be heretical…” statement. There are many other examples: Frank’s refusal to wear the red cope; live in the papal residence; wear black shoes, ect.

    God is shouting at us to flee from this man. Let those who have eyes to see, see, and ears to hear, hear. This demonically possessed Gaian(devil) worshiper is not to be followed.

  4. Thank you for that warning, Mr. Mundabor, about the coffee. It is tea time in certain Canadian libraries, but took the broader point and put the cup down! (And glad I did 😉 On a serious note, I am so happy to see your blog entries every day, particularly since that wretched encyclical. And the outrageous hoopla attending it. Hope you realize how much you are doing for those of us occasionally tempted, gravely so, to despair. Jane

  5. US of A is over! She has been sold out to Satan and becoming a Queer nation. Pope Frankie has kept pouring fuel on the flames, first Ireland, now USA and then England, France, Germany and many more until the whole earth were reigned legally by those sodomites. We should blame on our Church leaders for doing cowardly nothing. It is in vain to raise voices for wrong thing that has been already legalized and many bishops are still foolishly believing Frankie boy, the most insidious, controversial one who will defend Catholicism. Baloney. When we threw the most precious gift – power of creation that God hasgiven to human back at God’s face we invoke the wrath of God Almighty and we have to face His perfect justice. Those supreme court Judges who act as God will have to answer at the day Jesus coming. Pray rosary for helping to save this falling down nation.

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