Reshaping Reality

You know those surveys asking you for all those questions? Gender? Ethnicity? Disability? Or all those questions I have to answer if I want to go through a U.S. airport gate?

Why am I forced to answer them truthfully, and risk, say, a prosecution if I make a false declaration?

If Bruce Jenner is free to decide he is a woman, should I not be free to decide that I am Black, African, and Disabled?

“But you aren't, Mundabor!”

Well, exactly that is the point. I ain't. Therefore, to claim that I am something I am not is a lie and a fraud.

Perverts are allowed to lie and defraud. To them, reality is presented as something they can reshape at will. Decent people risk a criminal prosecution. Because they are – quite rightly – not supposed to give false representations.

They aren't. Only perverts are.




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  1. Ongoing attempts to reshape reality–a dark day in the USA today, June 26th, 2015. Wonder if there will be a peep from the Vatican? The USCCB grew some balls overnight–late, to be sure, but at this point I’ll take truth proclaimed by our hierarchy in any measly portion it comes. See the USCCB FB page in regards to SCOTUS ruling.

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