Obergefell vs Hodges: One Nation Under Satan

As the Supreme Court of the United States published its long-known satanical decision about sexual perversion, not a few foreigners (like me) are left to stun how the most powerful democracy in the world can leave the most important decisions in the Country to nine men, or women, or dykes; this, after allowing homosexual judges to attack voter-sanctioned constitutional amendments without recusing them, seen that they did not have the modicum of shame necessary to recuse themselves. More than thirty US States voted in favour of basic reason, and decided it to be enshrined in their state Constitutuion. Nine judges walked over all of them, both the voters and the Constitutions.   

The repercussions of this will be, as expected, vast. An army of lemmings will now decide that to join the bandwagon is the only thing to do, and we can expect the Constitutional courts of other European countries to follow down the same perverted lines in the case where they have not done so. One can only hope the respective legal systems will be more resilient to judicial ingerence than the US. 

prepare yourself for a tidal wave of Satanical stupidity. When I open my WordPress page this morning there was a rainbow band at the top. Frigging idiots. Google hasn’t “reacted” yet, nor has Yahoo, but I do not doubt when they see others trying to garner some feel-good feeling from this they will not be slow in following.

We must pray that God’s punishment to us (in this life; I can’t even imagine in the next one) may cease soon, and sanity restored.

I expect Pope Francis’ next encyclical to be devoted to endangered butterflies.



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  1. Five incompetent Justices (who ought to be thrown off the Bench for flagrant misapplication and contravention of the Constitution and its objective, Natural Law philosophy on which all man-made law and the administration of justice depends) walked all over the People. The judgment of the Court (the majority Opinion) is patently erroneous – erroneous on its face and irrational, as well as contravening the Constitution and the law. Two of these SC majority Justices had previously purported to marry persons of the same sex under invalid state law.

  2. No body in this world can throw those judges off the Bench. They belong to the world and the world loves them . Even though they are sheep just like us but one thing they are different from us that they are rich, famous and powerful (but under controlled). Many times they act like they are God. You think they really concern about the well fare of this nation? Forget it. Their hands were tied and they just play the being fixed game like boxing match. A lot of people would do exactly like them to maintain their “status quo.” They worship the Lord of this world. Sodom nations will be treated like Sodom! God save us.

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