Francis, Jesus, And The Arms

With Frankie, no need for that….

Francis is stupid. He has the brain of a slow man without an education ranting at the pub. Only add microphones, and journalists.

Among the many senseless statements of the Pope there is the – recently repeated in Turin, but not new at all – sweeping condemnation of the arms industry.

Firstly, the common sense: to condemn weapons as evil is as intelligent as to condemn Nutella, or kitchen knives, as evil. Yes, you can kill yourself with Nutella: but this makes you stupid, not Nutella evil. Yes, you can butcher people with kitchen knives, but this makes you, not the knife, evil.

But let us look at the Gospel:

Jesus states he has not come to bring peace, he has come with a sword. (Mt 10:34). It is clear even to my cat that the sword here has an extremely positive connotation. The sword is, symbolically, what Christ brings to us.

Poor Francis is and old nincompoop. If he weren’t, he would notice the huge statue of St. Michael the Archangel at the top of Castel Sant’Angelo. Brandishing a huge sword.

Jesus also ordered the Disciples to buy swords, at the cost of having to sell their cloak if needs be.

But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one

It is obvious even to my cat that Jesus does not have anything against either weapons used as self-defence, or entire armies.

He actually even speaks of twelve legions of angels, directly referring to the Roman military structures (Mt 26:52). He could have said great multitudes, he said twelve legions. You are supposed to think of a huge, well-ordered, perfectly efficient, absolutely deadly army of angels, not simply “a great quantity of them”.


I have long thought alcohol may play a role in the ramblings of this man, and I have not changed my mind. However, when the man goes so far as to write an encyclical full of extremist rants and third-hand, fully discredited fake “science” you know that he does not need fernet to talk like an idiot, because in his sober state he fulfills the requirements brilliantly.

By the by, I have read a beautiful article about the sophisticated weapons of the Swiss Guard (The site?! Oh the irony!) , and their training not only with modern firearms, but even with the old ones. These are people who could hack an aggressor with their own short swords, or make of them “aggressor on a stick” with their pikes, in no times. Using… what, again?


Summa summarum? If you ask Francis, Jesus was evil. Armies protecting our freedom and property are evil. Those who protect Francis himself are evil. Those who sold weapons to all of the above mentioned are evil.

But Francis, who profits of the very weapons defending him; he is, as you all all know, humble and good.


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  1. Satan is so pleased to have the most effective, destructive weapon in his hands – the liberal, socialistic, modern, lunatic, heretical pope! While the mass destructive weapon can kill millions of people, but
    only the bodies, the satanic pope can abuse his highest position as Vicar of Christ to brainwash, indoctrinate and lead billion of Christians’ souls to hell forever.
    Many souls were in danger already when pope Frank has made many confused, ambiguous statements cunningly rebelling against Christ and His Church:
    That you don’t have to repent for your sins, everybody goes to heaven anyway, even atheists.
    -That there is no hell at all. Don’t be worry so enjoy your sinful life as much as you can.
    -That there is no such thing as everlasting soul. After death every souls will be annihilated to nothingness.
    -That he has put down humans to animal level (Laudato Si.)
    -That you have to reduce God given power of co-creation not reproduce like “rabbit”.
    -That you should return God’s gift of co-creation and become a sodomite that’s not a sin. It will be accepted in the Church and it has been accepted in many countries, even in the biggest Catholic concentration country-Ireland, and Christianity founded country – USA. And many more…
    Satan seems like in upper hand now. The fruits comes from 76 years (around 1939) of planting, molding, infiltrating communist young members in to the Church have been abundant. Obviously many has become cardinals and even the pope now.

    Very soon the just and merciful God will put him and his gang away to save His children if we continue crying out loud to Heaven.

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