Say Farewell To The Confederate Flag

Rebel flag.

When I was a child, every child knew the Confederate Flag. It was in countless movies, and it was in the consciousness of the people. No one ever took it to mean anything more racist than, say, the Roman Eagle. As I grew up, I learned to know the flag as a symbol of the cultural specificity of the former Confederate states. No US colleague or work relation ever spoke about it to me as “racist”. 

Well, this is about to end. All it took is an idiot, and the Leftist Nazis are now marching against the Confederate Flag itself. It’s not that they care anything about racism (Margaret Sanger pushed abortion to destroy the Blacks), it’s that they want to destroy any symbol remotely connected with social conservatism. If you are not like them, you must be reeducated, or banned.  

Breitbart tells us the support for the Confederate Flag is still very high, and the flag is obviously not seen as a symbol of “racism” (duh?). But this obviously does not count.

You see, the US are now governed not by their elected representatives, but by a caste of judges headed by the nine judges of the Supreme Court. The lower courts will now start to ban the flag out of pure judicial activism (for the good of you, the children), and the thing will take its course out to a lesbian-ridden Supreme Court, where at least five of them will decide that the Confederate Flag violate the human rights of someone or other. As the Supreme Court has just showed its willingness to extract human rights out of its hat like as many rabbits, this one will be a doddle.

Say farewell to the Confederate Flag, then. In the time of the Rainbow Flag, there’s no space for normality or common sense.




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  1. I love your blog. If I may comment on the Confederate Flag (actually the Confederate Battle Flag). Firstly the issue is not new, this has been brewing for decades. Secondly, it’s not about “banning” the flag it is about whether it has any place at government buildings like state capitols. The Confederate Battle flag is not just a symbol of “southern heritage” what ever that means. It is a symbol of treasonous ideas, a symbol of the cause of the horrible and great US Civil War, not about slavery, but about secession from THE United State of America. On those treacherous grounds alone I find fault with the flag and do spit on that “heritage.” The flag is in itself not racist but racists use it as a symbol of THEIR hatred. I live in the heartland, the great wheat producing State of Kansas. I am American Mexican, my family came here more than 100 years ago to build the railroads. In this day and age all one needs to do to find barely hidden racism is to go to the outlying small towns where one is ignored, watched with suspicion…where eyes are averted and police run tags…for no reason other than that one is brown (or black). It is in THESE places where you can find the non-racist Confederate Battle flag being flown….by those who DO use it to make silent racist statements.

    • You should be free to belittle the flag as much as you want. All those government institutions who fly the flag should be free to fly it as much as they want.
      However, there can be no doubt that forbidding from government building today means forbidding altogether tomorrow: when it is decided that something foments hate and racism, it’s a slippery slope…
      If it can help you, I could sing to you more Fascist songs that you would care to listen to, but I reject – and don’t care a straw of those who say – that those songs are racist, or incite hatred. Family members have fought in war for those ideals, and I honour and respect them.

  2. mariachristina9

    I was born and raised in Virginia where Civil War history and reenactments are very popular. Whenever my brothers and I would play Civil War we were always Rebels and never those d— Yankees, since we had ancestors who fought and some died in that war. But I don’t feel any allegiance to that flag, it’s just a historical relic to me. Recently I did some research on my Mom’s side of the family (Dad’s side all Italian) expecting to find poor Irish immigrants, but found wealthy plantation owners who were also slaveowners, and they lost everything in the war and rightly so. I can understand the feelings of African Americans toward the Confederate flag and I agree that it should not be flown in front of any government building. It’s fine to view it in a museum but that war took the lives of more Americans than any other war we were involved in, when I believe a non-violent way could have been found to resolve the problems.

    • That is another mistake.
      You think, therefore they should take the flag of their cultural heritage away.
      They are doing exactly the same with us Christians.

  3. Well I’m an Ohio Yankee who ordered some Confederate-flag bumper stickers a few days ago to put on my car. There’s a risk that my car will get vandalized, but we have to start showing that we won’t give in to PC. I already lost a job once for not being PC, so I know that the cost can be high, but things won’t get any better if we don’t take stands.

    A great-great grandfather of mine fought bravely for the Union in the American Civil War, but I’m convinced that he and most Union veterans would be horrified to see how degenerate and just plain evil the west has become. I’m sure they would approve of allowing Confederate flags today. They understood and appreciated their Johnny Reb adversaries much more than the ignorant PC’niks of today do.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Dear Mundabor, let us not involve rabbits in this hypocrisy. It is indeed a sad day when the rainbow flag replaces both the Confederate flag and the US’s own Stars and Stripes. Look how stupid Big Brother Obama had the White House lit up with the colors of the rainbow flag. EWWW. There is a photo of the horror at

  5. Perhaps it is significant that there is a cross on it.

  6. I have to disavow the sins of my slaveholding ancestors which is associated with the Confederate flag. On the other hand, my second great grandfather was just a poor farmer who they put in the frontline “bearing the colors” (this from an interview he gave to a journal when he was an old man), and he got part of his hand shot off. He retrieved the shot up flag and held it to his chest and kept going. I admire his fighting spirit and I feel the honor he had for the flag of his land and culture.

    • Your delicate feelings do you honour, but you should not allow others to say what you must disavow and why, and what is linked with what. If this is the flag your ancestors fought for, how can you think of associating it with external circumstances arbitrarily linked to it?

      How can it be that the entire planet has seen the “Dukes of Hazzard” for forty years, and they have discovered now that they should not have sent the show on air in the first place?



    Taking down the Confederate flag is an act of BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE and HATE against all Americans who respect and honor the equality, dignity, and valor of everyone on the side of the Confederacy. Shame on all the spineless politicians who voted in support of this despicable hate crime.

    Here’s a great Statement on the Confederate Flag:!why-remove-the-confederate-flag/c1lrd

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