Time For Clear Words

Big Bertha

I believe Francis is the pope. I believe little is so senseless in this world as to decide for myself who is Pope and who isn't. I do not decide that there is no moon just because I don't like the moon, either.

Francis is the man at the head of the visible Church. It is inconceivable that God would allow such a mass deception as to let a man – and a Church – appear to everyone the pope – and the Church – that they are not. It defies not only imagination, but basic common sense, and no amount of loose interpretation of obscure prophecies can be taken as evidence for this madness, because no prophecy can be linked exactly to the times we are living. Everyone can play the prophecy game. I prefer to keep my brains switched on.

No, it's not for me to decide who is Pope. Francis, the Evil Clown, is the Pope.

But then if Francis is Pope, the more we as orthodox faithful have the right not only to denounce his antics, but to destroy his credibility and reputation – not that of the Papacy; the contrary is the case – as much as we can.

It is very easy to damage Francis' credibility without damaging the Papacy as an institution: you compare those who served the institution with him, and expose all the heresy, the blasphemy, the presumption, the ignorance, the boorishness and at times the outright stupidity of the man.

I am always shocked at the niceness many fellow bloggers dedicate to the pope. A heretical Pope can't be countered with critical whispers. He must be shot at with Big Bertha. The reaction must be proportionate to the offence. You can't allow Christ to be insulted out of respect for Peter, because Christ comes before Peter.

I wish more bloggers would say it like it is. I wish more bloggers would warn their new readers about this Pope with words that do not leave any doubt as to which side he is on. I wish more bloggers would alert their readers, and in clear terms, about the unprecedented attack a Pope is moving against everything we hold sacred.

If you are a blogger, you may want to consider giving special relevance to what Francis is attempting to do at the Synod. If many more blogs kept a page or a fixed banner dedicated to what Francis is trying to do, many more visitors would be forced to think.

Just my two cents. It's your blog. But I thought it had to be said.



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  1. GrignionCrusader

    He is allowing this filthy discussion to take place in October. The only ‘out’ my mind drifts towards giving him is that he is lancing the boil. As we know from scripture (‘the gates of hell…’) this is what will eventually happen but I can’t call either way if this is his intention, or partial intention or not his intention at all. I nearly thought: does it matter? Am I being timid, I wonder?

  2. Thanks Mundabor for saying forcibly that we must not blindly follow a Pope or politicians whose wish to please the world puts the body of Christ in danger, along with our souls.

    Despite my failing to understand why Our Lady asked us to say the Rosary, I finally did so, and I urge anyone who doubts her power to do the same. The effects on my faith, hope and charity have taken my breath away.

    Praying the five Saturdays, and asking the help of St Joseph, whose humble silent strength and obedience is a great example for ordinary Catholics, is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

  3. Grignion Crusader


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