SSPX: Nothing New Under The Sun

It astonishes me how, time and again, people read imminent good news in “business as usual” announcements.

Bishop Fellay (may the Lord protect him always) has given an interview, and he has stated within it a lot of things we knew already:

-The SSPX is healthy and strong. She is, I add myself, very rich. Long may it last.

– Many within the Vatican truly like the Society (hint: that's because they are honest-to-God Catholics), and Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Brandmueller are only the most recent examples. Many others do not, because they are of the devil or very, very stupid.

– The followers of Williamson have proved a limited group of nutcases; it is good to have lost them.

-We are “on the eve of important events that we cannot yet define”. What this means is everyone's guess. I think it means “we might have to call for the deposition of this pope in October, and we have many bishops and cardinals on our side already”. But the truth is: I do not know. To interpret this statement as the announcement of a reconciliation would be, in my eyes, reckless, because that event we could define extremely well.

Summa summarum: there's nothing explosive, or even new, in the Bishop's interview. Whilst repetita iuvant, we knew all already. The sibylline statement at the end could be a veiled threat to Francis to very much pay attention to what he does or not, as the case may be. We don't know.

What I personally know is that I am so glad that the Society exists.



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  1. Great caution is needed with Franciscus and a large body of the Curia still in a controlling position. Arguments surrounding SSPX’s status are puerile, especially when viewed against the “German Schism”.

  2. As someone who knows His Excellency, Bishop Fellay, and has listened closely to all he has said that is recorded in multiple languages, and read much of what he has written, I think his closing statement, that we are ‘on the eve of important events that we cannot yet define’ should be taken at face value. Id est, there is so much at play now in the Church and the world, that it is clear ‘important events’ are going to take place, but it is as yet unclear in what order, how fast, of what magnitude, and what the outcomes will be and what will be our options for response. Some we can see coming, like the Synod on the Family Part II, some have just happened like the USA officially for the second time in a big way spitting in God’s face and rejecting God’s law. I think we are at a record high of the number of ongoing and impending crises happening in the World and in the Church. Then there are Black Swan events. The term black swan event is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. I think the subtext of His Excellency’s statement is for the Remnant Faithful to be prepared spiritually, mentally, and materially for rough times ahead.

    • Ah, but then it did not mean anything of the “we might reconcile with Rome” sort.
      However, if it is as you say I think it would behoove the bishop to warn every Catholic of the greatest danger for the faith represented by Francis, something which he is, in my opinion, not doing nearly strongly enough. Particularly if, as you say, he thinks we might be on the eve of a huge earthquake.

  3. What prompts the speculation about calling for the “deposition of the Pope?” Do you know something??

    • If the Pope embraces heresy, I expect something of the sort will have to or at least should happen. If you have followed this blog, you know we should all be very afraid.

    • What you call “speculation” is “prompted” from me writing this blog for years now, and seeing what Francis is capable of.

  4. I’m so very glad they exist too Mundy:+) God bless this holy bishop:+) God bless~

  5. M said:

    “What I personally know is that I am so glad that the Society exists.”

    Christ said He would never leave us orphans…


    Five times banished
    Exiled seventeen
    Excommunicated champions
    God puts at each scene.

    Saint Athanasius,
    Feast day of worth
    On the second of May
    The month of great mirth.

    Out in the deserts –
    As history has charted –
    You preserved the true Mass
    Great lion-hearted.

    Now Lefebvre
    And the sixties egalitarians
    Like Athanasius,
    His time his Arians.

    For He who abolished
    Death by death
    Sent him to absolve
    Sin width and breadth.

    And yes the same moon
    The same sun we’re all under…
    We venal rain – but Lefebvre

    Righteous thunder!!

    Merci Marcel!!!!!!

  6. hristoroquen

    Mundabor, if you have a chance to listen to HE Bishop Fellay on any of numerous YOutube, Gloria TV, Vidmeo etc vids, expecially the more recent ones, you will see His Excellency pulls no punches in calling our Francis as a Modernist who like to mess things up, a true son of the Modern Fallen Jesuits, and warning the faithful in no uncertain terms NOT to follow him or his ilk, nor to think that things are going to get better before they get far worst.

    Just a note on the ‘rich’ SSPX. They, perhaps, appear rich to our modern eyes as they are not paying billions to cover up the deeds of the sodmite-pederast predators, and thus can use their means to sustain, grow and build. Also, those goog people of means who do give generously in bequests, donations, materials and labor, know that what they give is indeed going to God’s work, and not into some Lawyer’s pocket. However, the SSPX is in fact always in need of donations, as they get nothing from the Church, are always building (the New Seminary Project, Churches, schools, etc.) and thus the cash goes out into these projects pretty fast. It is the goodwill and works of the faithful that keep the SSPX going on the material level.

    • Thanks, H.
      But for more energy I mean an open appeal to gather Cardinals and Bishops of good will to depose Francis if he pushes heresy in October. I do understand the SSPX is very critical.

      As to being “rich” (which is a huge compliment) you have stated well in what it consists: the ability to raise huge sums to finance a brutal expansion. Of course, the money will be spent. Of course, there will be the call for more donations. The Lord’s work never ends.

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