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Obergefell Vs Hodges: The Work Must Start Now.

Like many non-US citizen, I was shocked at the immense power the U.S. constitution vests into nine men, who are even elected for life.

It turns out this is not entirely so, and a system of checks and balances is in place for this, too.

The American Thinker reports that the U.S. Congress can strip – except in particular cases, which do not include Obergefell vs Hodges – both the Supreme Court and the lower courts of jurisdiction concerning certain issues. It makes sense: the elected representatives must have the right to keep the perverted judge out of the sodomy cookie jar, and uphold reality and common sense when said perverts forget it. In this case, the scathing condemnation of Obergefell vs Hodges by all four dissenting judges makes things, actually, easier or at least less difficult.

Of course, B Hussein O could pose the veto on such a law. But that would, exactly, set the ground for epic battles both in 2016 and beyond, and give every Christian the opportunity – victory of defeat at the ballot box – to do his duty.

There is no sign that this is going to happen. This shows, once again, the intrinsic defeat of voting RINO Congressmen. They will side with the enemy whenever they can get away with it, safe in the knowledge you will keep voting them to avoid… worse. Which worse eventually comes anyway.

I have always refused this reasoning as a voter, and suggest to my readers to do the same. RINO means a marginally slower death of Christianity, and that's all. RINO means a lot of excuses to avoid doing what one has the sacred duty to do. RINO means caring – and not even so much – only for your wallet, if you forget all social issues, which they will use to avoid having too many enemies or having to take an uncomfortable, risky, principled stance.

The SCOTUS system is, if you ask me, absurd, and I do not know any European Country with lifelong supreme judges (apart from the Pope, of course). Still, the antidote to the perverted US judges is there, if the American voters only grab it.

This is not a one-year battle. It's a thirty year battle. But the battle must start now. If the battle does not start and the issue is seen as “settled for now at least”, this perverted mentality will soon become mainstream, and then the working of reshaping hearts and minds will be more difficult.

The work must start now. Marriage as marriage has been upheld by voters in more than 30 U.S. states only a handful of years ago. There is work to be done, of course. But this exactly why the work must start now. The overturning of Obergefell vs Hodges through democratic means is the safest course to see this atrocious course reversed, even by legislative activity of by creating a political climate (president and senate) encouraging the appointment of sound judges when these five minions of satan go to their reward, or more probably punishment.

The work must start now.



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