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The Daily Freak Show

I saw him during my lunch pause, in a busy business district of a city that shall remain unnamed.

Very, very long hair parted in the middle, and almost completely white. A big, manly face signed by time and weather. No delicate lineaments, he. Big nose, big jaw, scorched skin. You get the type. Corpulent, but not obese.

Two huge breasts, probably a patent from DuPont, emerged from under a purple shirt. They weren't “men boobs”. No. This was the work of DuPont all right. A scaffold, attempting to be a bra, kept the things in place.

The man walked along the street with the grace of an elephant, and was the very epitome of a freak show. Not a bit shy about it, though. Just walking the “boys” out a bit, I suppose. The poor wretch was a pathetic sight, and filled my heart with pity and disgust at the same time.

I could not avoid thinking that the shock I had will be reduced in the years to come, as such freak shows, now so openly “celebrated”, become more and more common, and the taxpayer provides for the expenses of self-mutilation, hormone-driven-deformation, and all the rest demanded by the poor wretches.

A society celebrating perverted freak shows, and making of them the very symbol of a new era, represents a scale of rebellion comparable to the one of the inhabitants of Sodom. But this XXI Century Sodom will soon engulf a great part of the West (yes, Italy and the other traditional Catholic Countries too: can't you see how your own pope loves to surround himself with them?), and will “celebrate” his own man made goodness and tolerance as it does so.

This is the world in which your children and nephews will grow. Perversion as normality. Christianity as oppression.

Prepare yourself for the daily freak shows. And pray that you and your loved ones may never become so perverted that you see perversion as normality.



Greek Attitude

The Greek have yesterday decided, with an overwhelming majority, that years of overspending (and lying) are not their fault. It's someone else's fault; namely, those bad people and institutions which now demand that they get real.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with it, though I think their hope are vastly exaggerated. But the Greek are good at the game of shamelessness, and they will extract out of their not so veiled threat of bankruptcy as much as they can. When you are a small member of the monetary union, it can well pay to be a crybaby.

The Greek Attitude is very spread among people who aren't even Greek. They collide with the wall of reality at full speed, and then proceed to blame the wall for being unwelcoming. What all homos, dykes, trannies, and assorted sad spectacles of deformed humanity – not to forget all those to aid and abet them: the relatives, friends, colleagues, and assorted “inclusive” people – do is to embrace the Greek Attitude with relish and declare that no, it's not their fault. You must reshape Truth – that is: Reality – to accommodate them, because the wall they have just smashed their nose against is too unyielding, and uncharitable.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with their folly, in the sense that their dragging of feet and crybaby stance will get them as much as they could have obtained anyway.

The others will not be as lucky. God does not fear their bankruptcy. Truth, and reality, will not accommodate them in the least.

One can try with the Greek Attitude with Brussels. It's a card that the Greek are – being (cough) Greek – expected to play.

But he is a most foolish man who think he can try with the Greek Atitude with Christ, and get away with it.


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