Greek Attitude

The Greek have yesterday decided, with an overwhelming majority, that years of overspending (and lying) are not their fault. It's someone else's fault; namely, those bad people and institutions which now demand that they get real.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with it, though I think their hope are vastly exaggerated. But the Greek are good at the game of shamelessness, and they will extract out of their not so veiled threat of bankruptcy as much as they can. When you are a small member of the monetary union, it can well pay to be a crybaby.

The Greek Attitude is very spread among people who aren't even Greek. They collide with the wall of reality at full speed, and then proceed to blame the wall for being unwelcoming. What all homos, dykes, trannies, and assorted sad spectacles of deformed humanity – not to forget all those to aid and abet them: the relatives, friends, colleagues, and assorted “inclusive” people – do is to embrace the Greek Attitude with relish and declare that no, it's not their fault. You must reshape Truth – that is: Reality – to accommodate them, because the wall they have just smashed their nose against is too unyielding, and uncharitable.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with their folly, in the sense that their dragging of feet and crybaby stance will get them as much as they could have obtained anyway.

The others will not be as lucky. God does not fear their bankruptcy. Truth, and reality, will not accommodate them in the least.

One can try with the Greek Attitude with Brussels. It's a card that the Greek are – being (cough) Greek – expected to play.

But he is a most foolish man who think he can try with the Greek Atitude with Christ, and get away with it.


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  1. I have enjoyed everyone of your posts without exception but this one. You have likened the Greek people as all liars, cheats and welfare slime on the same level as dykes, trannies, and fags. Have you lost sight of the fact that most of their debt, just like many other nations are the result of the taxpayers bailing out a banking system plundered by the global elite. It is egregious debt and illegal. They are as much a victim as so many nations raped by the Rothschild central banking system. I didn’t realize Mundabor is now a schill for the Luciferian central bankers? Or is it just a German superiority complex over a replundered nation by German finance, finally trying to rise to their feet after some hard blows? Perhaps Christ will take the whip to the hard heart of Mundabor who now sides with Christs enemies who are financially plundering the world? One hope’s Mundabor is not developing the heart of the fags, dykes, and trannies I so often enjoy him excoriating?

    • You are a stupid man who has lost contact woth reality.
      People blabbering about “global elite” and unable to see the huge scale of populism and irresponsibility of the Greek government an dpeople simply do not deserve to read this blog, much less write comments on it.
      Good riddance. Go cry somewhere else.

  2. Interesting…So you think that the good guys are in Brussels when it is about money. I don´t know how this question will evolve, but if Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Rajoy and the rest of the masons, loan sharks, pornographers, abortionists, gay lobbiers and pushers are not happy, its good enough for me.
    Sorry Mundabor, but I don´t follow you today.

  3. The Troika tyranny is destructive of all real local economies. It is an important part of the impoverishment of the masses to further the control of the NWO government. [edit: link is too crappy to be on this blog]

    • Oh for heaven’s sake, stop believing that crap.
      Either an economy can cope with a strong currency, or it can’t.
      The Greek have lied and swindled for years. Now the chicken have come home to roost, and I hope they roost well, because the Euro has no use for such people.

  4. Mundabor, you are obstinately blind to the factors playing into a global false financial system. You are looking just at the surface, but the system itself is fraudulent, propping up a very small number of banks that control most of the banks in the world, including the Central Banks. The whole system is fraudulent, getting further and further away from the true value of wealth/money, which is in reality, a representation of man’s work over time. You need to read more on how economies have been subverted and contrived by big banks and central banks. As for the stock market, the vast majority of transactions are carried out by computers.

    • And of course there has been much financial recklessness in Greece over the years. That is only a part of the picture. There is a much larger picture that you’re not looking at.

    • For the instructions of those willing to think, I have just written four long posts.
      Make of it what you want.
      But if you consider a problem that computers match shares prices, I doubt you will get any benefit from them.m

    • And I am the blind one?
      “The whole system is fraudulent” is an adult statement to you?
      Please, do not abuse of my patience.

  5. I put a comment on the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage post explaining how the judiciary in Common Law jurisdictions is meant to be independent of the other two branches of government, and thus cannot be removed from office except in certain narrow circumstances under certain procedures. However, the comment isn’t showing.

    • I have not deleted any message of yours, to my recollection. The very long ones I delete instantly, but I do not recall that there were any from you.

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