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The Hammer, The Sickle, And The Incompetent

Francis was allegedly “bewildered” at the blasphemous “gift” made to him by the Bolivian President, Evo Morales.

He must think you’re stupid.

It is completely obvious even to my (admittedly: very smart) cat that gifts by diplomatic meetings do not just “happen”, nor are they “surprises”. It’s not Christmas’ Eve.

On the contrary, gifts  (which have an obvious public, PR, or symbolic relevance) are always agreed in advance. It must be so, otherwise you would risk diplomatic incidents every time.

Therefore, I do not believe in the least that Francis – who wasn’t born yesterday, and can be the cunning scoundrel whenever he wants to –  just did not know that he would receive such a gift, or did not care to enquire what gift he would receive, or did not ask his diplomatic personnel to go absolutely on the safe side and check with him first. He knows very well there will be photos that will go around the world. Of all people, he should know best.

Such meetings are carefully prepared. Damn Morales is a head of state. It’s not that you leave it to your guest’s taste what you will be photographed with.

Then there is the obvious, obvious consideration that, whatever the reason for the blunder, Christ must come before diplomacy and it behooves the Pope to very publicly refuse the gift (yes, in front of the cameras, and all that) if he has been – because of some machination I cannot even imagine – surprised by it.

A Crucifix with a hammer and sickle is absolutely sickening, and if Francis is not sickened by it it is not surprising at all he can live in the midst of perverts; or better said, from one who lives in the midst of perverts it is not surprising at all that he would not be sickened by such a blasphemous “gift”.

To my knowledge, the “gift” has not been refused. No diplomatic incident has followed, and the Vatican has not accused the other side of surprising them with a non-agreed gift. If this were the case, the incident should be very public, and should lead to the refusal of the gift and the demand for public apology from the Bolivian government.

What we have, is the world photo-op of the friggin’ Communist head of state, Francis giving him a stage, and then trying to react to the obvious scandal by letting it be known that hey, he would have preferred a puppy.

But you see, this is what happens when you elect a Pope that blabbers about the poor all the time, and does not care a straw for Christ.

The enemies of Christ will sniff it all right, and will behave accordingly.


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