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Ku Katolik Klan?

Buggers Broadcasting Communism Embarrassed By Djokovic

Novak Djokovic wins again at Wimbledon, after a truly beautiful match against a wonderful, if aging opponent.

 After the match point he emits some “warrior cries” of joy, and lets the adrenaline out.

Then he moves his gaze up to the sky, and he is obviously praying. After that, he kneels to the ground and does something which, to me, must have something religious to it. Finally, he gets up and makes a very obvious sign of the cross, concluded with a kiss to heaven.

All this time, the BBC commenters are stunned. Mute. There is a kind of half uttering from one of them, but it becomes nothing. 

The Buggers Broadcasting Communism are too embarrassed to make a comment whatsoever that would have enraged the PC crowd; even something banal like “here is Dojokovic exulting… now he prays…”. Not even his praying was acknowledged. Just embarrassed silence. 

It may be that the commenters were indifferent to all this. But most probably they were terrified of saying absolutely anything, lest something very bad happens to them and then farewell, Wimbledon 2016 (or whatever it may be). I can easily imagine that the ignoring of any manifestation of Christian piety (from a Proddie, a Schismatic, obviously a Catholic) is now official or unofficial BBC guideline. 

As to Djokovic himself, I can see the time coming where every demonstration of Christian piety on the playing field will be forbidden because insulting those believing in other religions, or none. 

Those two commenters had not shut up one moment during the entire game. Until the man started to thank heaven, that is.  




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