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Vox Clamans In Deserto: The Lake Garda Statement

The Lake Garda Statement, published on Rorate together with ancillary documents, is an extremely positive development for more than one reason.

1) It exposes the dangerous lie of the “dialogue”

2) It reaffirms the Sovereignty of Christ The Christ.

3) It clearly condemns the entire spirit and attitude of this Papacy, blabbering of the environment whilst Rome burns.

4) It clearly indicates that the Pope himself encourages the Kasperites heretics, and promotes sexual perversion.


This is, still, a vox clamans in deserto. But it is good that more people apart from a couple of seriously angry bloggers start to publicly utter open opposition to all that this disgraceful papacy seeks to promote (no, it isn't Catholicism).

October is approaching. Whilst one cannot write about it every day, it is emergency every day. Which is, by the by, why I keep my blog post on the matter on top of my blog, and will make it stay there until at least October irrespective of how tedious it may become to see it there day in, and day out.

It is sad to say so, but the first enemy of the Church is now the Pope. No communist dictator could inflict the damage he is inflicting. The inside job is always the most dangerous.

Let us hope that many other voices rise to denounce the scandal of this Papacy. Let us, I implore you, not destroy such occasions to discuss whether they are 100% orthodox themselves.

Every enemy of Kasper is our ally.



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