The Loss Of The Sense Of Sin Kills Lives

As they do every now and then, the sugar-Nazis have called for more taxation of sugary drinks. Because, they say, they make people fat.


I only drink whole milk, and sugared cola. I insist on whole milk yogurt. I reject every food that is the imitation of the original food. I am perfectly fine, because I eat in moderation. Like countless people before me, who lived and died for millennia and never knew there is something like, say, skimmed milk, or skimmed yogurt.

Nowadays, it seems that obesity just happens. Or pregnancy. Or abortion. The idea that one does not become obese (or pregnant, or the killer of his baby) without knowing what he is doing is just not there in the public consciousness. Obesity is just there. Why, no one asks. Nor seem people to ever ask why the obscenely obese colleague always seem to drink diet coke, and still has problems going through the doors at the venerable age of, say, 36.

I see two main causes for this: the loss of the sense of sin and his obligatory byproduct, the loss of the public shaming.

Christian society knew what is sin, and knew how to keep it in check. Both the sense of sin and the sense of shame were – would still be – extremely powerful deterrents against sins like gluttony , fornication, even abortion.

God has made everything in a wonderfully coherent way. Forget His way, and you will start to walk on a path of not only moral, but even physical self-destruction. Perverts don’t say this to you, but the list of their ailments – both physical and psychological, besides the obvious moral bankruptcy – is very long.

The atheist crowd does not get this simple truth. To them, sin does not exist. People weight 300 pounds because of “poor choices”, or “uninformed choices”, but mainly because of… sugary drinks, and it will be everyone’s fault but theirs. The same principle is applied everywhere else, because the enemy of Christ wants to destroy Christian morality in everything.

When the very concept of sluttishness is gone, it becomes far more difficult to create a barrier to pregnancy. When the pregnancy is there, but “just happened”, it seems “uncharitable” to “punish with a baby” the pregnant girl. A girl to whom it will be said that she has “reproductive rights”. Look! It has happened!

Then the excuse factory begins to work full time. The army of obscenely obese people in their twenties have some genetic factor no generation before them had, but has now suddenly exploded. The girl got pregnant because she was not given a condom; the abortion was then unpleasant, but necessary.

I insist often on this blog on the matter of obesity because I see a clear parallel between the deterioration of Christian feeling and the physical self-destruction of the West, as showed by the obvious “visual” change in my surrounding (the UK are now a Country not only extremely different from Italy, but from England a mere 20 or 30 years ago). In addition, I belong to the last generation who saw people accused of “gluttony”, because they ate too much. I actually still remember such reproaches, made by people who, in their Christian piety, sincerely believed them; and who will be now rolling in their grave at seeing how the West is eating itself to death, and can’t even begin to consider it sinful; but then debates about taxes on sugary drinks, as it a person with a such obvious lack of discipline would then suddenly start to see the like when the can or cola costs 13p more. The problem stares at us all the time, and we refuse to see it.

The concept of sin helps to create good habits. The practice of shaming helps to enforce them. Destroy the first part, and the second will never work. Destroy the second part, and the first will never be effective.

A world that has forgotten Christ has started to adore man. When you adore man, no one can ever be shamed, not even for his own good. The Brotherhood Of Reprobates is the new religion. Words like “glutton” get out, words like “fat phobic” get in. A change in religion causes a change in vocabulary: “fat phobic”, “homophobic”, “gender reassignment”, “byproduct of conception”, “marriage equality”. The list is long.

The Country where I live will very probably live a true Holocaust in the next ten to twenty years, due exclusively to… gluttony, and the religion of man. No one seems to care, or has the desire to say things as they are instead of thinking that sugar, not gluttony, makes people obese. Millions will die prematurely, in this country alone.

Oh well. We do not want to offend anyone.



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