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The Abortionist Is The Quintessential Nazi

Steve Skojec has both the video and the quotes, and he does such a good job of it that there isn't much that I can add to it, besides trying to put a couple of concepts in my own words.

It seems to me that the disgraceful Dr Nucatola, who is, very fittingly, a somewhat senior figure at Planned Genocide, is simply more coherent than many others seemingly a tad more “humane” abortionists.

There is nothing humane in deciding that an unborn child has to die because we prefer it so. Every trace of humanity has already gone from such thinking. Similarly, the baby thus butchered is obviously not considered a human being; not only by Dr Nucatola, but by everyone who shares with her the in humane idea that an innocent baby can be killed in his mother's womb.

The happily eating woman simply thinks the matter to its logical, Nazi end: the dehumanisation of the baby that is the logical premise of abortion logically leads to the selling of his parts; exactly as you do with lambs, pigs and cows.

The butcher, just like the doctors working under Dr Nucatola's instruction, pays attention that the carcass is as economically viable as possible. He will cut the animal's parts just so, and according to a complicated technique, so that the value that can be extracted by the animal is maximised, and its parts can fetch the higher utility for him. The Planned Parenthood doctors described in the video work exactly in the same way, butchering the poor baby in a skilled way that tries to keep his most valuable parts intact.

Let me repeat the point once again: the terrifying lack of humanity of such behaviour is in nothing worse than the principle that stays behind abortion: the utterly and completely Nazified thinking that a human life is not worthy of being considered human, and can be slaughtered like a lamb.

The Nazis are among us not because we have people like Dr Nucatola walking free, but because we have legal abortion in the first place.

To express horror at the woman whilst maintaining that abortion that can be a “necessity” is exactly the same as to express horror at the Nazis selling the golden teeth of their gas chamber victims without condemning the use of the gas chambers in the first place.

The abortionist (I mean by that not only the doctor who practices the abortion, but every person in favour of abortion) is the quintessential Nazi. Yes, I am talking of your (and my) neighbour, your (and my) relative, your (and mine) loved one.

Let us hammer the concept in their heads, with the necessary prudence but also with the indispensable forcefulness.

People like Dr Nucatola think like them; they merely think things to the end.



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