We Lose Because We Are Too Nice

The wrong side does not miss an occasion to unleash hell for their own purposes. Remember the young woman who died in Ireland and prompted calls to introduce abortion? What about the wave of laws restricting individual freedoms after Sandy Hook? Or the present crusade against the Confederate Flag?

Atheists and liberals never let an occasion go to waste. In comparison, we are far too kind.

The recent wave of emotion concerning the beastly behaviour of Planned Parenthood (oh, they say now they were not selling body parts. I am waiting for the details. Can't imagine they did not expect some sort of advantage anyway; this, without considering the satanical behaviour in itself) should be used not only to attack Planned Parenthood, but to demand loud and clear the end of abortion, call Nazi butchers those who practice it, and invent all kind of neologisms like “baby-hater”, “babyphobe”, Nazi Butchers, and the like. Every time, all the time.

What happens of this? Not much. Planned Parenthood will be in some trouble for a while, but the occasion for a big wave of emotions will be lost. Imagine if a row of prominent U.S. senators had profited of this to openly ask the end of abortion. It would not happen overnight, of course; but it would put us on the offensive, and with the emotional wave on our side. Little by little, people would begin to sway.

People don't think much nowadays. Many of them mainly emote, and do so with a view of feeling good with themselves.

We should profit from the enemy's own goals much more than we are doing. We should use them to aim directly at the beast's heart, rather than merely aim at give the enemy a thrashing.

As the enemy invents a new vocabulary to insult us, we cannot go beyond polite remonstrations.

Call them names. Rouse emotions. Attack abortion directly and frontally.

We lose because we are too nice.



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  1. “The master commended the dishonest steward for his prudence; for the sons of this world are wiser in their own generation than the sons of light.”

    Keep spreading the light of Truth dear friend.


  2. You’re absolutely correct, of course. I told someone the other day about your asking people to stop using the word ‘gay,’ and instead call them ‘sodomites’ or similar. It was amusing to watch their expression change from shock to ‘aaaaah, I get it.’

    Perhaps we should be saying ‘pro-infanticide’ or something more to the point, rather than letting them have their happy ‘choice’ moniker.

    • Babyhaters. Organ Harverters. NuMolochs. Child butchers. The list would be long. But we are oh so nice, what would the neighbour think?

  3. This is the time to point out the founding aims of planned parenthood and it’s diabolical founder Margaret Sanger. It is also time to point out the unashamed evil of this devotee of Josef Mengele and his ilk who can casually discuss the best technique for harvesting the baby parts that are in demand while sipping wine and stuffing salad into her obscene maw. The evil is strong in this one, she needs many prayers for her conversion.

    Jesus, Mary I love thee, save souls

  4. mariachristina9

    So now the evil of abortion is even more horrible. It’s amazing the depths of depravity some humans are capable of. There’s only two things that allow me to not totally despair whenever I think about this. One is that, hopefully, the infant’s brain is so early in its development that it doesn’t feel the pain. Does the “mother” even wonder about this? The other is the church teaching on Limbo. I was taught that all unbaptized infants go to a place where they are happy forever even though they don’t see God. I wish on all the unrepentant mothers, fathers if they were involved, and doctors (executioners), that in hell there is a place just for them where they can experience abortion in eternity. Lord have mercy on us.

    • I am afraid the baby will well experience pain, and an excruciating one it must be to be teared up one limb at a time; the horror, in fact, like I doubt any born human could feel more painfully.

      As to Limbo, yes, the state of the infants who go there is one of the greatest happiness a human mind can imagine; albeit the infinitely greater supernatural joy of the presence of God is precluded to them; but as they cannot even imagine the existence of such a joy (few baptised Catholics, actually, even know the difference these days) they are in fact, subjectively, lacking nothing.


  5. Planned Butcherhood. That’s what Michelle Malkin calls it.

  6. Consider the doctors of the Church.

    Augustine? Not nice when it came to the Donatists.
    Dominic? Called the Dog of the church for a reason.
    Xavier? Fanatically unpleasant (As was Calvin: but both were effective).

    Even in the last generation, Tolkien and Lewis — though both Dons — were quite blunt in their criticism and severe in their judgement. To say nothing of John Paul, Solzhenitsyn (and two I don’t think you have read: Francis Schaeffer and John Stott).

    The nice are going to fall away. The stubborn mongrels will, by the grace of God, remain. May we be among them

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