Daily Archives: July 22, 2015

Blasphemous Fluff

Of all the fluffy cretinous talk, the blasphemous one is the worst. Particularly when it tries to disguise itself as pious.

A prominent Italian politician expressed his disgust at the notorious “hammer and sickle” crucifix blasphemously given to Frankie The Evil Clown and by him not only blasphemously accepted, but blasphemously defended in that oily, Jesuitical way of his.

Following that, the usual cretin went on record saying that you are never disgusted from a crucifix.

These people are so blinded by their own fluffy stupidity that they do not realise (or perhaps they do) the degree of irreligiousness and impiety they exhibit.

Shall we, then, accept a Trannie Jesus from a Trannie? A “Rainbow Jesus” from a faggot? Are these people so thick that they do not understand the meaning of “sacrilege”, and “blasphemy”?

Oh, but I forgot. If for you nothing is sacred (but your own sanctimoniousness) you will never have a problem with a hammer and sickle crucifix. Feeling good is all that counts. Christ is just nowhere to be seen.

Something tells me the man speaks for Francis. Actually, he thinks like him, too.



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