The Argentinian Chicken Are About To Roost

Marked drop in circus ticket sales...

The media are full of a very recent Gallup survey showing a marked decline in papal approval in the U.S., a drop of 25% based on the entire population. Basically, Francis is now where he was when he was elected.

It is, obviously, stupid enough to measure the popularity of a Pope: of the man, that is, who should be the one on the entire planet most obliged to seek unpopularity. However, we do have a very stupid papacy completely bent on just that: popularity. Therefore, the news that 25% of Americans have discovered the man is a Castroite rascal does not bode well for the continuation of this disgraceful experiment in evildoing.

I also notice that some other chicken, beside the Castroite ones, are now coming home to roost. Francis' popularity appears to suffer also – if in smaller measure – among liberals. Not rainbow enough, you see. And this even after the man is so much out of the window he could fall any moment.

The fact is, to adore liberalism is to adore an insatiable Moloch. He will want more and more from his worshippers, and will turn against them when they refuse to become their slaves. Francis has prostituted himself to the liberal public opinion to an extent inconceivable before his election, but he will soon notice that even that is not enough and, in fact, nothing will ever be enough. Serves him right, anyway. The wall of reality isn't less hard because a Castroite soft head smashes against it.

Nor can the Evil Clown tell us that hey, he is the Pope, he is supposed to be unpopular. The man manages to be despised from orthodox Catholics as well as from Liberals! This is not the mark of a courageous pope. This is the man of a small, ignorant, boorish, Mini Me Peron showing his evil incompetence for all the world to see.

I sometime wonder: if Hugo Chavez had been elected Pope, what would he have done differently? Not much, is the answer. Possibly nothing, is a better answer.

A Chavez as Pope. This is the papacy God is inflicting us, and which we have richly merited. Perhaps next time we wil learn the lesson, and expect that a Pope be a Catholic, instead of a clown.



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  1. FYI

    Here is something not too many blogger have been writing about. It has to do with the financial position of the Vatican as per recently release “financial summary”. I held off waiting for the financial themselves, but since they are not forthcoming, I used the summary.

    It confirms what you write about how financial strong the Church is in reality. Further confirmation also of how little financial leverage the Germans in reality have over Rome. So it can’t be the financial threat that is making all those homo-leftists at the Vatican promote Marx & co.

    • Yes, and to put all that in context, even an idiot like Dolan did not have any problem in collecting a vast amount of money for the restoration of St Patrick’s cathedral in New York.
      The financial resources of the Church are, de facto, limitless, because the Church can tap into whatever amount of money she desires whenever she wants. Not even Obama has such unrestrained reserves.

    • And that is what terrifies the perverts.

  2. Yes, I sense that his popularity is in decline here. We attend the local Novus Ordo mass because where I live (Central Valley California) the closest TLM is three hours away. Last Sunday at Mass, they announced that the second collection was for the Pope’s intentions. I really struggled as to what to do as the collection basket approached. I finally gave one dollar because I figured PF can’t make much of a mess with a buck. I noticed the other parishioners were also slow to go for their purses and wallets, if that is any indication of their feelings for him.

    • Ah, I personally would have made to the man or woman the typical Italian gesture (hand in mid air, four fingers together, moving right-left-right-left-right) that means “go away sharpish” ;). But then again I am a litigious type 😉


  3. I would have put a Vegas gambling chip in the collection basket for the Peter’s Pence. From a really tacky casino–Slots o’ Fun perhaps.

    I feel your pain marinachristina9 about having nothing other than the Novus Ordo in proximity.

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