Perverting The Faithful

The enemy’s priest (the one who has lost his faith, or gives his allegiance to Satan) is unavoidably led to pervert the sensus catholicus of the sheep. He will try to set the sheep on the wrong path under the disguise of piousness. He will manipulate them into thinking that if they want to be good Christians they must, in fact, do the exact contrary of what they were always told before. He will do all he can to lead the faithful as far as he can from his lack of faith, his mistress, or his sodomy. He will get away with an awful lot, because his sheep are mostly naive or stupid, and most of them very badly instructed, and very many find it simply convenient to pretend the traitor is a “man of God”.

How could such a priest proceed to do that? Let me make some hypotheses.

1) He could start by devaluing piousness. If you pray the rosary, you are bad. Devotional practice is not only downplayed, but criticised. All in the name of true spirituality, of course. Some people count their rosaries, you knew that? No, don’t laugh!

2) He could devalue purity, honesty, integrity. He might, for example, say that it is good to “smell like the sheep”. Suddenly, having dirt on you is something good, and being clean is something sanctimonious. This will, methinks, work particularly well for the homosexual priest, who will not resist the temptation to praise in some way the dirt in which he lives and breathes and to which he is, being a pervert, attracted.

3) He will “enlarge” Christianity into embracing its enemies. For example, he might say in church that a Muslim should “hold on to his Koran”. Suddenly, Christianity has been openly opposed in the name of the fantasy Christianity the enemy’s priest has chosen as his Trojan Horse.

4) He might, if he feels so inclined, proceed to attack the Trinity Itself. This is a bold move, I admit; but he could, for example, Say that Muslims and Christians “believe in the same God”. One small phrase et voilà, the Son and the Holy Ghost are out of the picture in the name of… some strange tutti frutti religion that is not Christianity anymore, but lets people feel so fuzzy inside.

5) This priest would then say homilies at Mass. He would not get the chance pass. The attention of the pewsitter would then be constantly diverted from heaven, and pointed firmly of earthly matters. This would be the ideal starting point for a socialist preaching: injustice, inequality, all the long list of Socialist grievances could be propagated from the pulpit with the thinnest varnish of Gospel quoting; which he can, like every idiot and Satan, do without difficulties.

6) The perversion of the minds entails the destruction of the modern, middle-class, well-ordered society. The preaching in favour of illegal immigration would therefore be tireless. This is another occasion to bash the good middle-class Christians. Besides, the one or other grateful illegal might well be amenable for acts of sodomy.

7) the general leitmotiv would be simple: you who think are good Christians are the bad Christians; those whom you think are the bad Christians (those who stink like sin) are in fact the good Christians. You are bad, because you do not worship the poor.

8) Such a priest would, of course, accompany his lack of faith with tangible, visible signs of his attitude. For example, he could always avoid to genuflect or kneel in front of the blessed Sacrament, but openly kneel in front of jail inmates. He might do this out of simple laziness and disinterest in a God in Whom he does not believe, or he might do it quite on purpose. But my hunch is that he would do it all right.

9) A man like that would also influence the faithful in more subtle ways: perhaps the Blessed Virgin thought she had been deceived? Perhaps Jesus Himself deceived the Apostles? Perhaps the miracle of the multiplication of bread and fish was a purely symbolic one, a “miracle of generosity” because people suddenly share what they have? Purity, Sanctity, Faith are, in this way, continuously undermined.

10) Nor would the Sacraments be spared; why oh why must public concubines be “refused” they “hunger” for Holy Communion? Why, oh why, are we so “judgmental”? And should we not find “ways” to “accept” sodomites in our beautiful community?

11) Of course, the fear of the Lord would have to go. God may scold, but he never slaps. Crap like that. Soon the sheep will believe salvation was achieved just for the feat of being conceived.

Such a priest could find many other ways to spread his impiousness and divert from his own faithlessness, or even sexual perversion. But I think I have given you an idea.

God forbid, such a priest should become Pope!

But the Cardinals would never do such a mistake.

Would they now… ?



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  1. Mundabor, stop this now. You are displaying Satanic powers! You are reading my mind!
    How long, O Lord, how long …

  2. In the case of the Mass, if I ask any of them why he allows abuses and changes during the Sacred Liturgy he celebrates he then would say that it is based on Vat II directives. Many of them seem to be much more concerned on their retirement savings and not working on their personal sanctification and of the people under their care.

  3. M, pretty soon the traditional Catholics will be considered the schematics and maybe even excommunicated! …oh wait!

  4. Let’s be honest: those Cardinals knew exactly what they were doing and who they were getting in Bergoglio. It’s frankly risible to suggest otherwise.

    Francis isn’t the source of the problem, he’s the symptom of a problem that’s now many decades deep.

    • I must disagree. Whilst they knew they were electing a V II Pope, it is not realistic they knew this largely unknown man would have proved the catastrophe that he is.

    • There is a chance this man is being controlled by someone else (or some entity). For those of us who knew him before the election, he does not look like the same man. He wasn’t a good cardinal either, but he wasn’t the clown he is now. Even his sister says she doesn’t recognize him, that he is acting very strange, is not himself.

      He could be medicated, or possessed.

    • He could simply be drunk on power, and slowly taken over by Satan without being “possessed”.
      If he were smarter, I would believe him the False Prophet.
      If he were exceptionally smart, I would believe him possibly the Antichrist.
      As it is, I think he is a Castroite to whom power has gone to the head, of which he never had much in the first place.
      The more culpable those who follow him, of course.

    • Oh, I do not ask anyone to go to jail. God will inspire the martyrs, and prudence will regulate the conduct of the others. But everyone can make some work in his own sphere. One can also try to write anonymously, if he feels so inclined. But seriously, relatives and friends should be in the reach of everyone, even in Nazi Germany.

  5. “Whilst they knew they were electing a V II Pope, it is not realistic they knew this largely unknown man would have proved the catastrophe that he is.”

    I’d like to believe this to be true, but I’m afraid I don’t. I am an complete nobody, who was an Anglo-Catholic when he was elected, merely observing from the sidelines, and even I knew – within hours – that his papacy was going to be the “catastrophe” (your word is exact) it has indeed become.

    All one had to do was obtain a cursory understanding of his past – what he has said, what he apparently believes, what he has done, et cetera – to imagine how his papacy would unfold.

    These Cardinals are, on the whole, post-conciliar in their training and outlook and instincts and whatnot. Do you think a contemporary Cardinal Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto would even stand the slightest chance among the current hierarchy?

    The dry rot is deeply embedded in the hull; Bergoglio is just the latest – and most alarming – fissure.

  6. @Mundabor, the Cardinals who elected Bergoglio are supremely well-informed; it’s wishful thinking to pretend that they didn’t know what they were getting.

    • I strongly disagree. You are assuming at least competence here. Not what I have gathered in these years of following everything Catholic.

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